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Another four cubs saved from the Thailand caves. Bangladesh, Thailand Caving:: Boy in a letter tells them not to be worried. Thailändische Höhlenretter in the running against the rains. Browsing in good condition. There are no simple possibilities for rescueers of caves. Trump says he talked the King of Saudi Arabia into increasing crude output.

Recent rescues to find teenage Thais in a caves. Maybe they' re still living in the caves. The UN says the police murdered 100 people.

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The first US ambassador to Burma in over 20 years, Derek Mitchell, says that reform in Burma is an evolving one. Burma's democratic transition is one of the great histories we have seen not only in the area but around the globe in the area.

But he also says that the reforms can also be regarded as too early, as there are many issues to consider, such as the cultist power in Rakhine State. I would like to tell you that your nomination as Burma envoy over 20 years is very important - important in the way US politics develop in Burma.

Simultaneously, when you were appointed, the government signalled the relaxation of US sanction against Burma - so how would you declare US general domination over Burma? For the Burmese people. We are trying to keep up, and I think we have an outstanding dynamic in relations between Burma and the United States.

The fact that there will be an envoy in 22 years time, whether I am or not, reflects the dedication of the government, the United States, even our own congressional government, to take this relations to another level in order to normalise relations - and to follow this process of reforms and to understanding both sides.

US policies are therefore linked to the development or state of the Burmese transition underway. Our reaction to the transition and in kind. It' not like we're breaking off relationships unless something happens that we expect. While I think what we want is a better mutual comprehension, we clearly have an interest in it and we are continuing the changes we have seen over the past year.

You spoke at the meeting about the powers of the law enforcement to relax penalties and about new ways to relax them. Cause lots of folks are asking....... Simultaneously, the US congressional extends the penalties for another year - 3 years. DM: No..... in fact it's pretty logical..... every single times I come back from a journey, and now I've returned as an messenger.

I went to Capitol Hill and worked very close with them. You can clearly say for yourself, but it is quite obvious that we are working in a lockstep, and you will listen to their words when they say that they are supporting the policies of the administrations, that we are parties to this process - that they are indeed renovating the sanction agencies as consistently as we have said in the administrations - to maintain the sanction infrastructures as insurers' policies for the years to come, but to use the enforcement to apply the sanction at their own discretion and in agreement with our parties on the hill, so in reality I see no division.

In fact, I see us working "hand in hand," as we say, and I think it is a very important part of our politics, and I think it is important for the Burmese community to comprehend. So, when we talk about the Burmese reforms, we now have President Thein Sein, who has pledged to be accountable and transparent about reforms.

We now have an energetic legislature - Burma's Hlutaw. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's activist Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is now also in the middle of the parliamentary game. They say that the transitional or reforms in recent times are the most favorable compared to other countries; but at the same token, others also say that Burma's (reform) processes are a little too early when there are so many struggles, persistent corrupt governance.... in Kachin state, Rakhine state and such things is your view.

It is too early to say, however, that everything is in order or that this trial will necessarily result in a satisfactory outcome. It is essential to move in the right directions, gradually, to have clarity, responsibility, openness and partners - not only within the countries but also outside them, in order to reach the right place together.

It is based on the human question - indiscriminate individuals suffering - in the cross fire of the dispute, whether in Kachin or Arakan State. It is important for us to be able to help and we believe that some of these individuals need help. Of course we want to help when it is welcome, but it is something that is basically between the political groups within the state.

However, I think there is a period when the global fellowship can act and the United States wants a part that is appreciated by the political party and the people. A part of the nationwide reconciliation in the north of Burma. Particularly among Burmese soldiers and communities, we also noted that the US takes an attitude to racial brutality.... the US attitude to recognition of the Rohingya group.

However, President Thein Sein has already adopted an attitude - they do not want to acknowledge Rohingyas as ethnically (another beep) that they are arriving in Burma illegally...so what is the US attitude? In addition, there are many individuals in the countryside who view this issue in such a way that there are some misgivings that exist among the population, the United States sometimes border on the concept of religions and that is certainly something that the United States condemns and regrets.

In our own land, we are fighting it ourselves. However, it is extremely delicate and, at a basic scale, we must address the human needs of the local population and ensure that they are catered for. Yes, because of this issue - this issue has just become a local issue because neighbouring Asiatic nations such as Indonesia and Malaysia are now making a lot of racket for Muslim minorities in West Burma - as suppressed population.

Will there be a general issue for US-ASEAN ties? It is because the US has seen Burma as a kind of bloc for US relationship with ASEAN.... but now the new issue arises. DM: I don't necessarily think it will be a challenge for the US and ASEAN, and the coherence of ASEAN is important - we have a great interest in ASEAN - a kind of inclusion and action to create freedom and stabilization in the area is important.

In this respect, we have a problem, but I do not want to say that we see it affecting US-ASEAN relationships or ASEAN itself; but it is certainly a jeopard. VOA: I would like to move on to another part of the US Burma relation. The US Secretary of Defense a few month ago said that U.S. and Burmese army ties are growing - and we now hear that there is U.S.-Burma collaboration to save U.S. soldiers during World War II.

VOA: How do you yourself to be the first US Goodwill Advisor in more than 20 years? As I know you have been to Burma several occasions as US political co-ordinator, but last year you were there as US envoy to Burma. I am too concentrated on what I have to do as an ambassador, and I have never been an an ambassador, so it is a studying-diomat.

I just want to expand the work I have begun and the work they have begun, which promotes better comprehension and greater study - a more genuine, more in-depth comprehension of the complexities of the country. I' d like to travel around the land and get to know different kinds of folk from all parts of the world. It is very important to develop this knowledge because we have been apart for so long.

US-Burma relations have got off to a good start and I would like to be at the forefront of these relations in the quest for reforms which, in my view, are in our shared interest and, of course, only to put our peoples in order with the global fellowship so that we can be united. If I think it is useful to bring my vote into the trial, I would certainly do so.

I want to promote the emergence of open free communication within the state, so I want to continuously support the communication within the state to help future reporters in developing their work.

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