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AMOA Burmese News, Morning June 15, 2018

Every day we pledge to provide you with the latest updates in the language of Burma. Each day we are uploading new video, even on weekends. every night and every weekend! KDS Myanmar does NOT intend to violate the copyrights of the owner of this website. The contents are used exclusively for research/reviewing/reporting and education missions.

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Synopsis/Topic: "Burmablog. net" was launched by a member of the non-profit NGO Burma Center Prague and could not have been born without the decisive assistance of an important association of Myanmar NGOers. We' d like to commemorate all Myanmar blogs that have been molested, detained or prosecuted for exercising their fundamental right to freedom of speech.

abstract/topic:Opinion and analyse on economic and humanitarian affairs in Myanmar..... "Welcome to Businessmen and Humans in Burma/Myanmar, a blog to monitor and analyse economic and humanitarian affairs in a period of transition". The wealth of physical and personnel ressources has made investments an appealing perspective. However, ethical conflicts and the prevalence of violations of human rights lead to volatility and insecurity for the investor.

Businesses in Myanmar run the risks of participating in conflicts and violations of people' s rights and must therefore be conscious of their responsibility..... The aim of this blogs is to make available pertinent political and juridical analyses for both investor and defenders of the protection of human freedoms. She will also emphasise the benchmarking and HR issues that have been reached through the actions of local businesses or multinationals in Myanmar.

It will provide an intergovernmental economic and humanitarian outlook, based on United Nations and other intergovernmental organisations, regional and domestic trends..... The pictures used in the blogs are not protected by copyrights. Synopsis/Topic:The author's biography with his brief histories, poetry, translations as well as his work as an editor for NDSP Books.

Synopsis/Topic:Blog with contributions, poetry, essays and feature films. source/editors: "Foreign Policy" description/Topic: Kind of Burma, thoughts of the world:... This is a gallery of paintings: most of the pictures are done by Myanmar artists. Descriptive/Topic: "Pansodan and Suriya Gallerien are a work by Aung Soe Min and Nance Cunningham. The Pansodan Gallery is located in the top part of Pansodan Street in the centre of Yangon, just a few steps from the Panorama Hotel.

The Suriya Gallery in Chiang Mai on Huay Kaew. Watch out for the Suriya Art Gallery signs before coming to the door of the Suriya Art Gallery or leave your car in the car parks of Nice Nails/Mr. Chan and Miss Pauline's Pizza and go through the door to No. 2)". Synopsis/Topic:The VOA Burmese Service has set up this diary to keep you up to date with the latest Burmese and beyond events.

Though this site is mainly updated and edited by Kaye Lin, there will also be contributions from the VOA Burmese Service. Hopefully this will be commented by you too.... We want to know from you.

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