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Burmese millions tune into VOA's Burmese language broadcasts to hear the latest news from Myanmar, Southeast Asia, the US and the world. Myanmar is a Burmese service of the Voice of America (VOA). Polyplectron bicalcaratum, also known as Burmese peacock pheasant, is a large Asian member of the Order of Galliformes. This is the best app to experience international Burmese radio. Burma has failed to work with the staff of the World Organization, a VOA spokesman said on Thursday, one day after a special human rights situation.

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The VOA Burmese has a 30-minute weekday television show and Saturdays and Sundays TV shows. Programmes will be broadcast via VOA's Asian satellites and by TV subsidiaries Skynet, DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) and Sangklburi Cable. on Myawaddy TV. The VOA Burmese transmits 2.5 hrs per days on short waves, mid waves and directly to partner wards.

Shwe FM, City FM and Cherry FM, among others, broadcast the English lessons, youth and science & technology sectors. The VOA Myanmar shows are broadcasted on their website, SoundCloud, Audio Now or Italy. Women's Corner, Burma in the News, Burma Focus, Burma Democracy Forum, Burma Democracy Forum, News from Ethnic Frontiers, U.S. Political Roundtable, Health, Science & Technology, Economics, American Idioms und Bloggers.

Myanmar's VOA Burma's English-language wireless channels run on MRTV and Myanmar's biggest FM network: Teaching TV shows on Myawaddy TV. It is also featured in Burma's best-selling daily Seven-Day News.

Burma's president tells VOA that he will open schools for Rohingya.

Burma's President Thein Sein says his administration will open colleges to enhance the training of the Rohingya Muslim minorities who are accusing majoritarian Buddhism of persecution. Thein in an interview with VOA Myanmar Service CEO Than Lwin Htun in Naypyidaw named His formation as an important instrument to help different societies to lead a harmonious life and to observe the protection of people.

Bengalese - his name for the Rohingya - have only faith based schooling and do not have what he termed "proper education". US President Barack Obama is relaxing financial penalties while prohibiting commercial contact with the Myanmar army and maintaining the weapons embargo. 6. The European Union is suspending commercial and industrial penalties for one year after it lifted some of the visa bans in February.

There is no change in the EU weapons ban. Australasia is lifting the remainder of the travelling and financing restrictions, but is maintaining the weapons ban. Canadians are easing restrictions on the economy, but maintaining the weapons embargo and freezing the property of certain people. Burma's authorities refuse to recognise the 800,000 Rohingya Muslims as an ethnical group and deny them nationality.

The Rohingya are regarded by many people in Burma as irregular Bangladeshi migrants. a British legal group following the Rohingya case, greeted the Burma president's promise to go to school, but cautioned against secession. At the same token, Rohingya kids are currently either not getting any or only very little training up to the seven-year-old period, so it seems that gaining greater educational opportunities is a good thing," he said.

Ahmed, without nationality, said that the Rohingya and other unrecognised ethnical minorities are unable to own or marry property or have a child without state approval. "In general, the whole act must be ignored, where everyone has equality of right and there is no such division between'pure races' Myanmar and ethnical minorities Myanmar and congenital Myanmar," he said.

He said Burma's move from a military-led to a semi-democratic civilian-led regime is a "good, positive" move, and the president's statement is another indication of transformation. Monday's meeting is the first to be given to VOA by a leader of Burma. Burma's former army rule, in which Mr Thein Sein acted as premier, prohibited VOA and blamed it for disseminating falsehood.

It also reaffirmed Burma's resistance to any outside inquiry into the recent fatal culpable brutality between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists in the state of Rakhine in the West. Saudi Arabia-based Organization for Islamic Cooperation has demanded such an inquiry into the force, which its members regard as a case of Rohingya prostitution.

Thein Sein said the Burmese authorities are helping the Burmese casualties and has asked an "independent" Burmese Human Rights Commission to look into the riots that broke out in May, killing 77 Rohingya and Buddhist population.

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