Vitaly Bigdash

Bigdash Vitaly

After five rounds Vitaly Bigdash defeats Aung La N Sang by unanimous decision (UD). Bigdash Vitaly. Central Russia. Bigdash wants to make up for lost time on Saturday:

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Until he regains the world middleweight championship crown, Vitaly Bigdash won't stop.

The former middleweight master Vitaly Bigdash is a man on a quest. The Russians' rivalry is on fire seven more than ever before the loss of his much sought-after championship to Myanmar heroes Aung La N Sang, and he is forced to regain fame. Bigdash's way back to the Gürtel takes him against five-time BJJ Weltmeister Leandro Ataides (10-3), whereby the fight takes place at ONE:

First Bigdash (9-1) took seven wins in a row before making his promotion début on ONE: The Rostov-on-Don was born in Rostov-on-Don. In his first fight with the organisation, he showed an unbelievable body, a multifaceted ability and a big soul when he achieved a return win over the then defending champion Igor Svirid in order to win the ONE World Championship in middleweight.

Although Bigdash was hit several times by heavy strokes in the opening verse, he only beat 36 tricks into the second round with a heavy kneel and pound. Bigdash dominated N Sang in his first defence of the championship against Aung La "Burmese Python" in January 2017.

Judge gave the Russian the final verdict that evening. This was such an enjoyable fight that it was no wonder that it was called ONE's Boy Of The Year for 2017. However, the unopposed vote and the song was given to Aung La N Sang. But now, seven month away, the choice, and only flaw in his carreer, is still something that does not fit well with Bigdash.

Though he firmly believes that he defeated Aung La N Sang that evening, he quickly points out his own faults. As a result of this error, Aung La N Sang knocked down Bigdash in the first round, causing Myanmar's heroes to teem with knockouts.

It was hard for Bigdash to return over five laps, but the near-final must have been what gave the "Burmese Python" the jury's point system of ONE. Ataides can be quite perilous. A former BJJ champions, the five-time BJJ champions have a vibrant, distinctive backdrop and a knock-out force that goes hand in hand with his subjugation.

It' s a risky game and they know that losing can ruin their league chances. It' s a huge challange for the Russian, but if he can beat him later this months, it could very well result in the Aung La N Sang trio that he so hopelessly craves. Much is at stake, and Bigdash is doing everything he can to ensure victory and restore mercy.

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