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Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Visa Order Information (MM). Are you going to Myanmar soon? Doing business in Myanmar? Le visa est un visa d'entrée valable trois mois à partir du. Will I need a Myanmar visa?

Prerequisites for applying for a visas

Are you going to Myanmar soon? Vacationing in Myanmar? Do you want to do a deal in Myanmar? Here you will find all the information you need to apply for your Myanmar visas. Will it be possible to print out the request sheet? About Landpassage Thalland-Myanmar allows at Tachilek-Maisai, Myawaddy-Mesok, Ktee Kee-Phunarin and Kawthoung-Ranong. no more than three before request!

The Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai Thailand - Myanmar Forum

So, I used the recently reopened Myanmar Embassy in Chiang Mai to request a tourism visas today. It is located on Hussadhisawee Road. Drive northwards at Huay Kaew and the moat instead of westwards. Take the second right and the Konsulat is on the lefthand side after approx. 250m.

Please bring: -800THB for scheduled services (pick-up on 4 working day) or 1600THB (pick-up on 3 working day). When you need photographs or copies, the nearest place in the Kad Suan Kaew Center is for both of them. Approximately ten minutes on foot from the Huay Kaew Embassy. It seems there is no way to work on the same time.

So I asked for a run and that brought me my visas until Friday afternoons. If not, it would have been Monday afternoons for the scheduled services. Hopefully this will help anyone looking for a Myanmar in Chiang Mai!

Myanmar Visa

How do you need a Myanmar Visas? Our check lists contain a road map for every kind of visas that will help you with your job-search. Please consult the checklist to see exactly what documentation is needed to obtain a Myanmar U.S. citizenship and what you need to do.

Myanmar E-Visa can be applied for when you are travelling to the Philippines for touristic or commercial use. Your e-visa is always a unique record. Prior to applying for an e-visa on our website, make sure you have the following documentation on your PC: To get a touristic e-visa:

  • We need a copy of an offical colour photograph. This is for a corporate e-visa: - One scan of an offical colour photograph. - and a colour-scanning of the corporate invite to Myanmar. - Colourscans of the trade declaration of the host enterprise. Notice that the invitations and registrations have a certain size.

Please note: You can only use an E-visa if you reach Myanmar through one of the following checkpoints: If, for commercial reasons, you want to remain in Myanmar longer, visit the state more than once or cross another checkpoint, the request must be filed with the MFA. Myanmar embassies can only process your request if the above documentation also meets the needs described in the checklist:

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