Visiting Myanmar in September

Myanmar in September

I' m hoping to travel to Myanmar in mid to late September. If it doesn't rain all day, I couldn't have hot and wet weather. About Myanmar in September? How should I wear when visiting temples? Streets can become impassable, especially from July to September.

Burma in September

I' ve been in Myanmar most of September last year. Not a problem with the rains. Farther northerly, Mandalay, Bagan, a little colder, but only the one or other afternoons of a rainstorm for an hours or so. We went for a hike in the hills around Inle and a shower turned the paths into creeks.

So, put a paoncho in your day pack, wearing short and waterproof sneakers. Generally, the great majority of your stay is rainfree with an uneven aftnoon of Heavy Rains and could mean fording through the ankle/shinbone to get back to your motel.

5 to 7 unforeseen events in Myanmar in September

I am going on my next Asian tour and would like to stop in Myanmar this year to get more than just a Thai entry/permit.

I plan to travel from Bangkok to Yangon for 5-7 nights. I' m not usually going on package holidays, but I wonder if it is a good notion in Myanmar given the short amount of I have? The visit to Bagan has been on my to-do schedule for a while, but since my money probably has no room for the ballooning, I wonder if it's still profitable?

Finally, as I am in a crisis of my life this year, I thought about going from Myanmar to Hanoi, Vietnam. Hello, I made a reservation for an Irrawaddy cruise in February 2015.

From Yangoon to Prome the route led me to take the ferry from Mandalay to the south. They' changed that to catch the Yangoon and get off at Mandalay.

As I am under pressure of my own schedule, I think it is likely that I would go by air from Yangon to Bagan - that's it if I go there and that's the best view for me. I am very open to other options, but I would like to have advice on alternate Myanmar locations that might be more suitable.

I would really suggest you go to Mandalay if you have enough free traveling-it' worthwhile to visit the town yourself and take a full excursion to the surrounding antique towns.

For about a whole weekend I was in Myanmar; I took the night coach from Yangon to Mandalay, then the ferry from Mandalay to Bagan (which was a pleasant trip) and then flown back to Yangon with Bagan Airways. At Bagan I signed a man with horses and wagons for 2 nights, which was a good opportunity to move.

You' re gonna like Burma. It is astonishing to see Bagan without a hot air blow. The top sites are, in order, Yangon itself, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay (although some don't like it), Moulemein (by train), Pyin Oo Ltd. (by train), then Hsipaw, Mrauk U, Strands (Ngali, Ngwe Saung).

On a 7 legged journey I would suggest 2 nights in Yangon; 2 nights in Bagan; 2 nights in Mandalay by irrewaddy boat; 2 nights in Inle Lake (Nyaungshwe) and back to Yangon.

In Bagan, most guesthouses and hotel have bicycles available - usually for a very small fee. It is less than 20 km long and runs over fairly level terrain.

Hello, MissCaswell - The following is in the hope that it will spark further thoughts for your and my journey. I' ll arrive in Yangon by plane from Saigon 4 or 5 nights before my riverboat to Mandalay. Will that give me enough headway to spend a few nights on a West Shore sand and back to Yangon?

I' ve been reading that the drive from Yangon can take 5 hrs, but I assume that it is more. On the other end of the trip I plan to take the rains from Mandalay to Hsipaw and book a room at the Mr. Charles Hotel. Did somebody make the trip on the trains?

It was very interesting to take the coach to Chaung Ta Bay, although the best price included an early departure from a secluded Yangon school.

Alternatively to the shore you can take the world's poorest rail (hilarious) to Moulmein on the Golden Rock and back by bus. That' off the beaten path, but like most in Myanmar, really saf.

I also took the rail journey, although I did decide to take a joint cab from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin for one or two days, then on to Hsipaw by rail. So we took the rail back to Mandalay.

I' m just thinking how I should plan on spending a whole weekend in Myanmar.

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