Visiting Myanmar in April

Myanmar in April

Coming back, he agreed that he would never travel to Burma again in April. Burma in April, the weather in April: The research shows that April will burn. Visiting hours and regional differences. Late April to late June: end of the dry season (very hot), beginning of the rainy season.

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Too warm in the sun to come to Burma? I' d really appreciate some good counsel on Myanmar. In the middle of the month of April, my boy and I are planning to go to Myanmar for 11 nights. The research shows that the month of april will burn. It is too warm to go, or is it feasible - and does it affect what you can see/experience?

I' m not against warmth, but it affects seeing the temple or just not having enough power to get around, then we can go somewhere else. Too warm in April to go to Myanmar? I' d say about 40°C in April, but the temperatures are colder up to about 22C, the air moisture is also quite low.

I would say in Vietnam in April that the temperature is generally lower. Too warm in the sun to come to Burma? Definitely a heavy effect on the journey. During the day, this part of the tropical region is usually very warm, or "blazing heat" in the warm sea.... Apry- May. Too warm in the sun to come to Burma?

Had I travelled down the Chindwin River last April, cute being on the stream and I would say 50% of gh's I remained in had only 6-9lectricity but still it was ok, 4th re: Too warm in April to go to Myanmar? Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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Travel to Burma in April

I am considering a visit to Burma in April (one of the warmest months). I' d like to get an idea from someone who travelled to Burma in April. I wasn't in Burma in April, but quite honestly, I wouldn't want to be there in April. We' ve been there in November when it's supposed to be colder, but Yangon was unbearably high.

Each year I go to Southeast Asia. The one thing that makes Burma tough in the hot weather is that air-conditioned rooms are inaccessible. I' ve been in love with Burma and I'm sure I'll be back, but I wouldn't be leaving in April. Right now, April's my only option.

You think the wheather in Cambodia and Laos will improve in April (I mean not so warm and no rain)? I' m not sure what the north Laos is like. It' very unpleasant in April, I'll be there myself for a few nights. A tip: Do not be enticed to shut the window in your cab and turn the whole system on.

Or at least that's my name for it. Born in Rangoon and my April birthdays and I recall that it's so warm they have a whole days when they just drop down on each other all's so much enjoyment.

Enjoy, Clifton! first journey to Burma? Yes, in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, April is the months of Songkran, often described as a baptism. the most uninteresting part of the journey. cliff top you were fortunate enough to find an air conditioned cab in Yangon!

A few of the cabs we were driving had rusted bumps in the mud! New Year' s Day, or "Songkran" in Thailand, is from 12 April to 17 April. I' m not sure where the big party will take place in Myanmar, but a certain town could be blocking the streets for enthusiasts.

All of Burma cabs with climate control belong to the Burmese authorities. There are always advantages and disadvantages, they simply vary with the seasons. When we went to Burma in February. Lasabana, I do not suggest a group trip through Burma.

I' m not sure what LancasterLad says about "state-owned taxis", he was there in 2010. I have never seen a "state taxi" or a cab with one. When you get a limousine and you get a chauffeur named Jackson, you have an automobile with AC. If a Myanmar administration has'anything', it will not promote the fact that it is in the hands of the administration!

It is all part of travel arrangements to find out which of Myanmar City' s properties are in the possession of the Myanmar state. Burmese Airways is also part of the Myanmar Airways administration. Identify what is what and try to prevent anything that belongs to the goverment and put your funds in the hand of sincere locals.

Today I came back from Myanmar on 14.3.2014. The Yangon was very warm, and everything is dust as it hasn't been raining since last October. The majority of Yangon and Mandalay cabs do not use air conditioning (if they have it), but when you move, there is a blow. Perhaps the northern part of Laos, with its height, is colder.

Lancasterlad, you are indeed naïve if you think I didn't do years of research before my first voyage to Burma. The point was that I didn't see any air-conditioned cabs in Yangon. And, since I choose to wear a shoelace, I see a great deal, from all points of view.

LancasterLad, the folks here won't tell you how to go - shoelaces or luxury - but they will also have the same consideration for their decisions.

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