Visiting Myanmar in April

Myanmar in April

In April we visited Myanmar to participate in the annual Thingyan Water Festival*. Streets can become impassable during the rainy season. Neither is on Myanmar's tourist trail. This May we made our first trip to Myanmar and fell in love. When you are looking for the hottest time to visit Maymyo, the hottest months are April, May and then June.

A Rendezvous - A 2-week trip for Myanmar

To plan a journey to Myanmar" is not a sentence you often hear when you talk to travelers. Myanmar's tense international politics and tough army regimes have resulted in the complete isolation of the state. Myanmar's tourist industry has been thriving since 2010 as part of wider policy and democracy reform.

Myanmar's tourist industry is growing. Burma has so much to show the inquisitive traveler who likes to travel off the well-trodden paths. During our journey to Myanmar we were fascinated by the palagodas, towns and churches we saw. Arrival at Yangon International Airport, Myanmar: People of most nations need to obtain a Myanmar visas, but the good thing is that this is possible now.

In April we went to Myanmar to participate in the Monthly Thinkgyan Festival. As many writers as George Orwell, Rudyard Kipling and William Somerset Maugham mentioned Myanmar's gloomy hotness in their memoir from the state. Therefore we recommend a journey to Myanmar during the winters (November - January).

If you choose to come to Myanmar during the season altogether, you should plan your trip so that you can spend a full week or two at the International Lake Constance International Aquatic Science Fair before it ends. A number of ATM machines are available at Yangon International Airport. There' is a cab desk at Yangon International Airport as soon as you leave the gatepost.

From Yangon International Airport to the center of the town is 45 min. and will cost about 8000 Kie. Eating: Myanmar foods are strongly affected by the tastes of India, China and Thailand. As you probably know, we like to experiment with and enjoy regional dishes in most places. Myanmar is the first place where we didn't enjoy the cuisine.

For the same reasons we loved the meal here in Ubud, Bali. Most of Myanmar's foods, road meals and sweets are full of olive oils and salts. Afterwards we tasted many dishes - doses, curry, salads, morning sauces. We didn't really eat in Myanmar.

That Mohinga, a favourite morning meal, was probably the only meal I really enjoy in Burma. Myanmar's lack of nutrition, however, makes up for it in sight and smile. Itinerary for a journey to Myanmar: Few stopovers are available in case you want to stay longer in Myanmar:

Situated in the Rakhine Mountains in the west of Myanmar, Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach) is off the well-trodden paths. Mergui Archipelago, just off the Thai coastline, consists of a variety of unspoilt Burma archipelagoes, ideal for a relaxing and relaxing holiday. Lodging in Yangon: There is no lack of accommodations for every age group.

We recommend you visit Yangon city centre, near the Sule Pagoda, whatever your level. This way you are only a brief stroll or a cab journey away from the most important sights in Yangon. We' ve decided to remain at Sule Shangri La Yangon. It is easily accessible - just a few minutes walking distance from the Sule Pagoda, the Bogyoke Market and the bustling city centre of Yangon.

Our rich breakfastbuffet includes a variety of specialties like curry, dosas, lah pet thoke (fermented tealeaf salad), mohinga (rice noodles and seafood soup), dosas (hearty crépes) and burmesian curry. We' ve found the quickest Wi-Fi in Myanmar at Sule Shangri La Yangon (you know my romantic scandal with the quick Wi-Fi, so I'll stop) - -).

getting-around in yangon: We' ve been walking around Yangon city centre a great deal and have taken cabs everywhere else. Activities in Yangon: In Yangon there is a great deal to do, but here are a few things you can do during the 3 day stay in Yangon: They are the ideal way to get started with the countless cuisines and cultures that have shaped Burma?s cuisine.

Situated at the foot of one of the biggest Buddhas in Asia at the little known Chaukhtatgyi Temple in Yangon. Sule Pagoda is located high in the center of Yangon. The activities around the Sule Pagoda - colorful busses carrying local people, walkers hurrying to work, merchants selling their goods - make them something new.

They can' t go to Yangon and can' t see the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda. When in Myanmar in summers, go to the Shwedagon Pagoda in the evenings or early mornings because you need to discover it barefooted. Who would have thought that an unusual archeological site, larger and much less overcrowded than the Angkor Temple in Cambodia, is situated in the depths of Myanmar's landscape!

With over 2200 Stupa, temple and pagoda in Bagan, it's no wonder that every single setting and rising sun is something new. Myanmar is the main tourist destination in Bagan. This was definitely one of the high points of our journey to Myanmar. Lodging in Bagan: The majority of accommodations in Bagan are located in either New Bagan, Old Bagan or Nyaung U (more backpackers).

In both cases you have to hire a cab or e-bike to visit the temple. A number of Bagan is home to a number of hostals, lodges and inns. We both wanted to spend the night at Bagan Lodge because she had great ratings on line, but she was fully sold out during our trip to Bagan.

We decided to stay at the Areindmar Hotel in New Bagan. In addition, the best that can be passed is the qualitiy of the foods. getting-around in bagan: We' ve had a lot of enjoyment with our li'l e-bike in Bagan and would suggest it to others. What to do in Bagan: It is home to some breathtaking palagodas and churches.

Await huge golden and terra cotta buddhas, complicated architectural styles and spacious patios overlooking centuries of coupe and the meandering Irrawaddy rivier. The majority of visitors take a regular tour of less than a decade of sanctuaries. Unaccompanied are most other couples, Stupa and Temple. You' ll need to see some of these little-known places when you have a chance.

These are some of our favorite adventures in Bagan. Be sure to include them on your route while you plan a journey to Myanmar: It is one of the most overcrowded and tourist spots, so many coaches and travellers are waiting for you. It is one of the most beloved buddhistic temple in the area, but it' s definitely something to have.

The temple was our favorite. Bagan's Stupas are massive cylindrically shaped without an entry, while its churches have either 1 or 4 entries and host imposing Buddha-statures. Some things to keep in mind when you' re discovering Bagan: You will get your legs very filthy, because all of your pagoda and temple have to be explored barefooted.

Booking a cure in Bagan or on the liner you will be boarding from Bagan. Cruising on a small riverside is one of the best ways to experience the landscape of Myanmar and see the little-known cities for yourself. Simply make sure you verify all the detail, which includes room sizes, meals on the ship and trips, before booking a trip on a waterway.

It has never been more worthwhile than in Ava, the old capitol of Myanmar. Amarapura: This bustling Mandalay Township is home to a variety of tourist amenities such as the Amarapura Palace remains and the U-leg bridge, which must definitely be part of your journey to Myanmar.

We' ve seen it used in several hundred different ways by different individuals across Myanmar. Burma's traditionally dressed dress is similar to a black and white cashmere and is used by men and woman all over the world. Lodging in Mandalay: We decided to go on a longer trip and explore Mandalay while we were still on the river.

However, we suggest to spend one or two nights in Mandalay. There' is no shortage of accommodations if you want to remain in Mandalay. So we just called a taxi to see most of the sights. At the end of our journey we arrived in Mandalay, Myanmar.

It is home to some amazing churches and convents, but after seeing so many of them in Bagan, Mingun and Ava, we skipped some of them and went to the places that are so well-loved. The Dee Doke Waterfall is a great excursion if you are longer in Mandalay. Hsipaw, a picturesque country city to the south of Mandalay, is also very much loved by the tourist, but we have decided to jump over this!

So it was just about right to say good-bye to Myanmar. Exploring beautiful historic places, talking to local people, trying a new kitchen and visiting so many places we had never known! We were both welcomed with a big smile all over Myanmar - we would like to ask you urgently to organize a journey to Myanmar while the tourist industry is still developing and to live its charm.

All charges are valid from April'16.

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