Visiting Burma in September

September visit to Burma

With the exception of September, however, one should not be deterred during this time, as Burma has a lot to offer throughout the year. The Myanmar tourist season starts in October and lasts until the end of February, with heavy rainfall in the following summer months. Rainfall falls in the afternoon and early evening with several resorts along the coast, including Ngapali Beach, which are completely closed. The monsoon lasts from June to the end of September. There is really a lot of rain in southern Myanmar (Yangon, Bago, Moulmein, Dawei) and in Arakan.

Walking or not walking - visit to Myanmar in September

Myanmar's tourism seasons begin in October and last until the end of February, with strong rains in the following sums. Myanmar may be a different vacation spot due to the chance of adverse rain. In spite of the risks, we chose our September tour and spent a fabulous 10 days in the state.

In the following I have made a brief abstract of some of the positives and negatives of a visit to Myanmar in September. We' re fortunate with the timings, as most of the rains came down during the evening. Since the majority of the population will be travelling to Myanmar in the suggested few weeks, you will have significantly more room in the main places of interest, for example if you watch the sun rise from the Bagan Floors, where it can get very busy during the high seasons.

Less tourism means again that you can savour the following: In the tourist seasons you must reserve your rooms well in advance in order to guarantee a room in your favourite hotels. However, for our September trip we often reserved the motel only one overnight after the other while we were on the road.

Also for our last evening in Yangon we made the reservation through Agoda, after arriving at 8pm at Yangon International airport in Bagan, and were able to find a reasonable price accommodation within walk of the Aiport.

Native people prefer their low seasons because they have fewer possibilities to make purchases or generally interacted with people. During our Inle Lake hike, our tour leader explained that the tour leaders are often tired during the high seasons because they do the hike over and over again, and that sometimes it can make a constant talk with the tourist during the hike weary.

This and the fact that the number of groups is often twice as large in the high seasons makes it clear that in the low seasons you can get more out of this kind of outreach. Overall, we are very pleased that we have chosen September for our Myanmar journey and we would certainly have made the same decision again.

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