Visiting Burma in September

September visit to Burma

Q Richard: I was thinking about visiting Myanmar, unfortunately I can only drive between July and September. How is the weather in this time? Anything he built is worth a visit: The Thai princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, daughter of the revered king Bhumibol Adulyadej, will visit Burma next month. There will be more sunshine in September and October.

There are five fast ways for customers to get around from July to September:

I was often asked about the best times to come to Myanmar as a travelling consultant. Is it possible that a different timeframe is actually better for certain customers? Having been in Myanmar for over 10 years, my briefest response is: travellers can come and see me at any season of the year. I would even suggest if a customer has the extra hours and agility to avoid trips to Myanmar in November and February, as these two month can be very inextricable.

There are three distinct periods in Myanmar, each with its own pros and cons. All in all, the conservative winters are a good period for hiking and outings. Summers are from March to May. It is a good period to spend a few nights on the shan state beaches and/or in the hill.

Summers may be too warm for long treks or long cycling tours. Overall the summers mean fewer visitors, so that the sights are not so overcrowded and many rooms are available. The verdant period (the tourism-orientated term for the wet season) is June to September. This is Myanmar's favourite holiday period.

There are wonderful countryside and even the exceptionally arid area of Bagan has a great deal of lushery. It' an ideal time of year to explore every part of the land except the beaches. There may be more rains in Yangon and the southern part of the island than inland during this period, so the visitor can arrange to travel to Mandalay and make a short stop at Yangon and the Shwedagon Pagoda at the end of the itinerary.

In all tourist areas the streets are well developed and many rooms are available again! There are five fast ways for customers to get around from July to September: 1. What is the point of paying for high seasons or a surcharge? Receive the real whereabouts of the hotels and the way travellers demand, not what is still available.

In the high seasons, employees in hotels and restaurants are usually congested and undermanned. From July to September, these employees are ready to offer the services to our customers that they merit and look forward to. So, next check-in at Myanmar, I really want you to have all the information you need to make them feel confident about the high seasons, because, yes, we have Prenty of rooms available!

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