Visiting Burma in July

July visit to Burma

It is a great time to visit Myanmar. Burma is good to visit in July. There is no reason for beginners not to go to Myanmar in July. I'm thinking of going to Myanmar in July/August, but I'm not sure about the weather. It is a wonderful country to visit.

Visit to Myanmar in July - Myanmar Forum

I' ve got a few nights off in July so I'm considering a journey to Myanmar. but I just wanted to get an impression of how much the rains affect transport. Is the line between Yangon and Bagan getting too much for coaches?

Unfortunately, I only have six working nights, which is why transport problems can have an impact on my journey. It can take up to 15h to get from Yangon to Bagan by coach. As Bagan is one of the most popular travel locations, it is unlikely that a plane will be cancelled. Myanmar Airways flight). However, a coach ride is not worthwhile.

It' much better if you could fly to Bagan. Yes, I agreed with the last contribution, I was raised in Burma and I know that the rains in July can be weird. Attempt to get a plane to Bagan, you will get the most out of your sojourn.

Flying to Bagan should take about 1 hour+, which gives you a lot of space to spend your brief sojourn. This better help. When you only have a few working nights, you better take a plane. Flights to Bagan with breakfast and accommodation in Bagan. Bagan. Return to Yangon with early birdie. Holidays 5 & 6 Yangon and departure .

Get connected to your round-trip trip. Hello....., ygg for a days that depends on the arrivals times if you air east, and come in the mornings, which is good enough to spend in ygg, so after the exit to guesthouse 45 mins, and go through Texas, which will be $25 for the whole to.

The next and departure to Bagan at lunchtime 15 hours, and arrival the next mornings in Bagan, Bagan for a full days, there is also enough if you take horses carriage, for the first and next days bike, and go daddy places, and go back to JGn and get a part of JGn, lucky journey to Burma.

Rains don't get any meaning for the coach to Bagan, don't concern, welcome to Burma...., I really look forward to seeing you in Burma this year and you'll get some Burma travelling experiences, I just wish you that...., get a beautiful journey to Our Burmaland. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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