Visiting Burma in December

December visit to Burma

Part of the country is not safe to visit. The month of December is an ideal time of year to visit this area in almost perfect weather. When you visit Bagan in the coming months, many temples and pagodas covered with scaffolding await you. They need a visa to visit Burma and the country has introduced an e-visa program to facilitate this.

How would you suggest a month's trip in Myanmar (Burma) in December / January?

One full week to go to a foreign destination! When you can stay a whole year in Burma, you can see the full width and variety of the state. Myanmar has such a broad spectrum of geographies, climate, ethnicities as well as cultural backgrounds that few natives have travelled all over the state.

It is recommended that you stay here at the start point for at least 4 to 5 nights. It is the centre of Burma's trading centre. You can go from Rangoon almost anywhere in the whole countryside, and I would go on most of the trips through the centre of the countryside to Mandalay and Bagan.

Most of the visitors who come to Burma are very tired of these roads, but it is still definitely recommendable. Nowadays I think you can even take a hot-air flight over Bagan, and I would like to try it out for myself. A place I would suggest is in the vicinity of Mandalay, in the city of Tagaing.

Located directly on the Irrawaddy riverbank, it houses several hundred Tibetan and Burma's Tibetan religious cloisters. Or, if you are in the spirit to relax on the beaches, you can drive to the Ngapali Bay on the Bay of Bengal.

I' d choose in person for a few nights on the Ngapali beaches. Kindly notice that I have been to all the places mentioned above and can give a first-hand advice that they are all worthy. But since the issue provides for a whole month's holiday, I will propose two more places in the remoter parts of the countryside that I have never been to, but which I definitely want to be touring.

Mergui Island in southern Burma. It is bordering Thailand (especially Phuket) and is said to have one of the best dive spots in Southeast Asia. My next target from these hot tropic seas would be at the north end of the land in Kachin State, which is located in the Himalayan runoff.

The state of Cachin is probably more like Tibet or Nepal than the South. Putão is a secluded place on the north side of Mount Cachin State and I would like to come and see it. It' flying back to Rangoon and maybe spending the last few days in Yangon before going back into the realm.

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