Visiting Burma in December

December visit to Burma

A place I would recommend is Sagaing near Mandalay. In December you can expect excellent weather throughout Myanmar (Burma). Take a look at the ideal time to visit Myanmar. Love, harmony and peace in the mottos of the visits. The Mandalay and Bagan are ideal cities during the monsoon season, when the weather is wettest in Myanmar.

Weather in December in Bagan - The highest travel season

December averages 81°F (27°C), 98°F (37°C) and 65°F (18°C) on the highest and on the low side. Bagan's cold December is also the high tourism year. It' also the best way to see the whole area. If you are taking part in outside activity, please take a cap or parasol with you, along with a thin cloak, as it is the cold winter months.

If you are going outdoors, you should always keep your foot on comfortably low. The month of December is one of the best times to come to Bagan, with 27 sun shine and nice and cold weather. It is a great season for outside activity, such as funny festivities. A coach ride in Bagan is enjoyable, safe and thrilling.

Two persons per car is the best choice, as the car shortens the period between the visit of the pagodas. Drivers will take you from one stop to another at a gentle speed and tell you the story at each stop. They will be able to admire the view along the path and watch what the locals do in their everyday life.

If you want to see something really different, if you want to take more pictures, you can stop the horse-drawn sleigh at any and all. Although they are not the quickest and most convenient way to discover Bagan, coach rides are very much appreciated by visitors. Shwesandaw' is a 328-foot towering marbled marbled marbled marbled marble grave constructed in 1057 by King Anawrahta, who founded the kingdom of Pagan.

It is also known as Ganesh or Mahapeine, after the elephant-headed Hindu god whose paintings once stand at the edges of the five consecutive terracinga. He then returned wisps of Buddha's coat and anchored them in the Shwesandawagoda. "Shwesandaw" means "golden sacred hair". Well-known as the "Sunset Temple", the mountain lake draws many visitors every year.

The landscape in Bagan changes slowly from reddish to a darker one as the day sets. By this point, the top of the podium will be full of humans. The Irrawaddy is the longest in Myanmar and the Chindwin is one of its five creeks.

A lot of folks are living on the bank of the stream. The old Burmese monarchs also constructed many coupons along the riverbank. The Irrawaddy was the most important means of transport in the past and an important trading lane between India and China. They had to pass the Irrawaddy if they wanted to go to China.

The Irrawaddy is besides its important role in economy and traffic also an essential part of touring. The Irrawaddy is the perfect place for a boating holiday. During such a journey you can watch a dramatic sundown, watch the life of the locals on the riverbank and take a look at many marvellous outcrops.

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