Visiting Burma in December

December visit to Burma

However, at the height of the rainy season, some regions become inaccessible and some, such as Ngapali Beach, close in preparation for the strong winds and rains that hit the coast every year. If possible, avoid these months and drive here from December to April. Do you visit Mt Popa after sunrise in the morning? Why not visit Myanmar? The pagodas in Bagan are an important international tourist attraction.

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Hi, I plan to go to Myanmar (Yangon, Inle Lake, etc.) in December, have you any further security inte? As always, all touristic areas you want to see are secure. 4 - Walter E, you really need to begin a new topic for your query, as it doesn't really tie in with the initial posting.

Also, if you are posting under your own headline, you will get better responses. Arrange with Silverswimmer that all normal travel locations are secure.

Burma Tours this December

You' re trying to see way too much while you're in Myanmar most of the while. You' re not going to see much of Mandalay after you find a motel and leave your bags and for the period of the next mornings.

In order to see the most important places of interest around Mandalay, you should take at least a whole full working days and hire a rider. At Bagan you have to make an e-bike arrangement in the mornings before getting up to find a place for the sundown. When you intend to use an e-bike for a whole night, make sure the batteries are not empty before returning to your accommodation.

The Mt Popa is a half-day excursion from Bagan. With Inle:: Now I don't know what you were reading, but these girls are exhibited at Inle like side show geeks on the porch of a jewelry shop. There' s enough interest in Inle without adding to this humiliation. Hhoo is at least one hours by cab from Inle.

You' re not gonna have much before you go to the airfield. Don't worry about a nearby resort, it's self-destructive. There is something in town that you can reach during your trip and take a cab to the nearest international airports if you need it.

However, take yourselves much of your free moment, one h or more, for the drive to the Aiport. When it comes to flights, see also Golden Myanmar Airlines: On important flights such as between Bagan and Yangon, it operates at much cheaper times than the others. But night buses between the large centers are usual and very comfort.

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