Visiting Burma in December

December visit to Burma

Therefore, the best time to visit Burma is during the drier winter months of October to March. During the day it is hot and at night the temperatures in the lowlands remain pleasant - although it is much warmer for the highlands and mountain stations, since they are cool in the evening. Avoid these months if possible and drive here from December to April. The ancient kings of Burma also built many pagodas along the river. November-December dinner.

Myanmar (Burma) best travel times - Answers & Tips

Myanmar has quickly become one of the most important tourist attractions in Southeast Asia since opening a few years ago, and it is important to know the best times to travel to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) before setting off for this astonishing state. Continue reading to find out which is the best period of the year for each area, as well as the overall standings for each and every months and thrilling shows you can't miss all year round.

Take a look at our thoroughly planned advices below and get yourself set to explore Myanmar! What is the best timeframe to come to Myanmar? Myanmar's climate is strongly affected by the tsunami, as is the remainder of Southeast Asia. It has pronounced rainy (or "green") and arid periods, as well as a colder part of the year.

Generally, the best period to come to Myanmar is from November to February, when the temperature is temperate and rainy is a faraway concern. It is also the busyest period of the year. March, April and May are overhot on the main levels of Bagan and Mandalay, while the south shore is completely soaked from July to September.

The rainfall in the centre and north of Burma is less than in the southern part, so that it is also possible to visit these areas during the summer time. Weatherwear for most areas, a lightweight cardigan for visiting mountain areas. Travelling all over the countryside is possible this year, especially in colder areas such as Pyin Oo Lwin and Lashio.

However, in the main levels the temperature in Bagan and Mandalay can become very unpleasant. Rainwear for short but intense showers, hot clothes, a lightweight coat for the evening in the mountain. Mandalay and Bagan's main area sees less precipitation than elsewhere. A visit to Yangon is still possible, although it will be raining every day, while the southerly shores are often closed and not recommended as they get very hard thunderstorm.

Travelling to the southwest is not recommended this summer as many of our resort are nearby and the weather is very bad. Even after strong rainfalls it can be hard to walk off the path. The whole of Myanmar is ideally situated at this time, especially the southerly shores such as Macleod Island and Ngwesaung. November to February are perfectly in the sun, as the temperature is moderate (but still very warm!) and there is little to no precipitation.

November to February is also a good holiday period, while the "green" period from June to October is also possible, as there is less precipitation in the area, although the temperature is very high. The months of February to May offer great conditions, although the cold seasons are much lower than elsewhere in the year.

Also in this area there is less precipitation during the summer than further down the southern hemisphere. At the Ananda Temples Festival in Bagan, several hundred religious sing scripts for 72 hrs, while several thousand village people from around the sanctuary provide presents to the friars on full-monday.

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival takes place in Thanlyin just outside Yangon, usually in the midmonth. Burma's folklore dances, theatre shows and song are staged, while traders are selling crafts and local people are visiting the sanctuary to give almonds. One of Myanmar's most beloved celebrations is Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, as tens of thousands of people come to the unbelievable Yangon city centre to give charity and dedication.

Across the whole nation, each of the regions is celebrating its own distinctive tradition and offers intriguing insights into the different civilizations, although traveling at this period is challenging as many companies are closing. Waso' s full lunar month greets the advent of Buddhist Lent and the rainy monsoons. Taungbyone Nat Festival is held in a small community just south of Mandalay, coinciding with the full month of August, when ten thousand spectators honour the Myanmar wit.

It' s remarkable that this is a very gay-friendly event, as the ghosts are usually transgenders. It offers meals and handicrafts, as well as a vast crowd of people who pay homage to the ghosts for happiness and wealth. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is attracting masses of people to Inle Lake as four pictures of the Buddha are drawn around the breathtaking bodies of the waters on a reproduction of a kingly cargo boat in the shape of a Hindhavian.

You will visit towns on the shore of the river and the pictures will remain in the monasteries for one whole town. Bagan's breathtaking Shwezigon Pagoda hosts a thrilling end of rainy seasons party when the site is opened to artisans and locals to trade their surplus crops.

Taunggyi Balloon Festival, an outgrowth of the Tazaungdaing Festival, also marked the end of the rainy monsoons and is hailed by throwing warm aerial balls with candlelight into the candlelight. Please post your thoughts and remarks here about when is the best moment to come to Myanmar (Burma) - your travel companions will thank you!

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