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If you visit Thailand for leisure activities, sightseeing and personal education, you are a tourist. Often Bangkok is the first stop on a visit to Thailand, as it is the most important international airport. Thailand & Elephant Eco Tour highlights. This vaccine may be needed if your trip takes longer than one month, depending on where you are in Thailand and the season you are travelling. The Elephant Hills Nature Park can also be visited.

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We have been developing new programmes and offering new goals, itineraries, accommodations and trips since we opened our door here in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2000. Thailand- Indochina Summertime. When you travel to Thailand and/or Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar in summers, what can you look forward to?

The " verdant " period is from May to October. One of the big advantages of the "green" tourist seasons is that everything is in full blossom and the hotel rates are at the year' s lowings. You will find the best and least likely rainy beach in the Gulf of Thailand: Koh Samui, Koh Phangang, Koh Tao, Koh Madsum.

One new, rather undiscovered place during the summer months are the Kanom beach, which is situated just outside Surat Thani and just outside Nakorn Sri Thamarat. Away from the well-trodden paths from northern Laos to Cambodia. The one of the programmes we have designed and which more of our customers are booking is a trip through Laos and Cambodia.

It is a great adventure to leave from Chiang Rai in Thailand and crossing the Houayxay-frontier. Across the Borders to Northern Cambodia and via Kratie to Pnom Phen and Siem Reap/Angkor. At the end of your trip on the sea, we can suggest some small and pleasant boutiques on Otres beaches, a few minuts away from Sihanoukville with the nearby tent.

The Bangkok Emerald Coast! We have seen many lucky visitors since the beginning of our verdant trips who enjoyed our own'Bangkok Vegetable Bike' route, our original'City Flash' and our Ayuthaya daily excursion in the area. Are you interested in one of our own'green' trips, please do not hesitate to do so.

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Those who have seen The Beach dream of the days when they could escape to an unspoilt Thai island, where jungle-covered karst is immersed in aqua -marine sea and the sandy beaches are sugary whites. However, no amount of cliché, Thailand supplies in spade. Krabi and Ko Tao's color is really that.

Let's just say your Thai pad has nothing on Chiang Mai's roadside stands or the Amphawa swimming market, where little old women do things with seafood gravy and chilli that you never thought possible. Thailand trips beyond the touristic trap, from the Yerevan Falls to a host family with the mountain trunks of the Golden Triangle.

Journey into the hearts and souls of Indochina on this extensive Vietnam and..... Journey through Cambodia from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Bangkok in Thailand on a..... Visit the Thai Isles on a sail that will take you to the famous sandy beach with discrete..... Take a short boat ride to the wonderful little islets off the western coast of southern Thailand.....

Journey from Bangkok to Sukhothai, Lampang and Chiang Mai on this picturesque trip through..... Coming from Bangkok you reach the old roads and temple of Angkor in Siem Reap, where you..... We have averaged 4.77 out of 5 Thailand journeys last year at 960 point. It was an adventurous journey that enabled us to see most of Thailand.

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and studying in general wants this itinerary. Thankful to the Thai population. Even though riding in Thailand sometimes seems a bit of a stress, we haven't seen any crashes and folks don't even sound their horn when others get involved, so there was some kind of courtesy in messy cycling.

If you want to see elephant, buffalos and more while walking or canoeing, a beautiful landscape with beautiful falls while cycling, then get to know a new cultur. Get ready for an adventurous trip to the north of Thailand! chiang-maai is the place to visit an elephant reserve, get a rub and a jelly podicure before the hike (which is around the edge of the hotel).

It is Intrepid's belief that half the pleasure of exploring a new land will get there and get around! Wherever possible, Intrepid uses the possibilities of public transportation and the conventional means of transportation, which are usually less polluting, provide small scale services to small scale locals and are much more enjoyable. You can be on a journey in Thailand according to the journey you are on:

Explore Thailand from the floor on this three-wheeled wonder. Occasionally motorized, but usually pedaled by a native, it's a funny way to get from A to A or see the attractions of a new town. Traveling with Intrepid is different. Our aim is to offer the traveller an unforgettable holiday and to make the accomodation as original and traditionally as possible.

If you travel with us in Thailand, you can be in one: THAILAND: If you arrive by plane, you will receive a 30 days accommodation upon your arriving. When you enter across a country boundary, you will only receive a 15-day residence permit (exceptions are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan nationals who are entitled to a 30-day entry permit at country borders).

In Thailand a prolongation of a Thai passport can be applied for at an immigrant service for about 2000THB or as an alternative you can request a Thailand visas at your local Thai diplomatic mission or your local diplomatic missions. This allows a 30 days residence at an overseas frontier. If, during your trip, you plan to cross a continual cross-frontier into Thailand, we suggest that you obtain a 60-day multiple-entry from your consular or diplomatic mission prior to your trip, instead of trying to obtain a frontier visas, which may prevent you from re-entering the state.

Tips are not obligatory or common in Thailand, but a tip or other small amount is highly valued by restaurant, driver and other staff, especially if the services were particularly good. There is widespread use of the web in touristic areas such as Bangkok and Phuket, where there are many cafés and Wi-Fi hotspots.

You can use your cell in most of Thailand's metropolitan areas, although some of the island or more isolated areas may not have wireless access. Make sure that you have enabled your provider's worldwide wireless connection before using your cell in Thailand.

In Thailand, they have to adapt to different hygienic and sanitary requirements. Thailand is one of the most popular travel destination in the run. Potable Waters are not advised in Thailand. To protect the environment, do not buy bottled waters. Refill a re-usable tank or cafeteria with purified waters.

Inquire with your guide where to find purified waters; in some overnight accommodation establishments, potable waters may be available. The most important cardholders are widely used in Thailand. Be sure to bring enough money with you for shopping, as it is not always possible to take your card everywhere in Thailand.

ATM machines are widespread throughout Thailand, so in most areas there should be no problem with withdrawals. Intrepid travelers must take out travel insurances before departure. On the first date of your tour, your travel data will be entered by your tour guide. Because of the different types, availabilities and costs of healthcare around the globe, travel coverage is a very important and necessary part of any outing.

At Intrepid, we are dedicated to respecting the communities, their cultures, economy and the world. When traveling, please be aware of this. Respect Thailand's habits, tradition, religion as well as cultural heritage. Shoulder to knee should be overcast, especially when walking into places of worship. 2. Request approval, take off your footwear and put a coat or compress over your shoulder before you enter a place of adoration.

Before taking pictures of persons, even if they are a child, please ask for your consent. Do not give presents or cash to local residents when visiting communities or host families. To protect the environment, do not buy bottled drinking cisterns. Instead, fill a re-usable tank or cafeteria with strained tap fluid. Thais are flexibly with the times and are not always on schedule.

The Thais worship their king and are respectful of the royal family. Intrepid Foundation offers travelers the possibility to give something back to the many beautiful societies we travel to. With a donation to The Intrepid Foundation you can do something for the community - in the areas of healthcare, educational, human and children's issues, and protecting wild animals and the world.

The Intrepid Foundation is proud to support Thailand:

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