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Onestop Travel & Private Day Tours is located in Yangon (Rangoon). It is also possible to visit Rangoon with its cemeteries for those who died in Burma. Attend the Pun Hlaing Golf Club for a round in the sun. There are no restrictions for tourists visiting Rangoon, Mandalay, Bago and Irrawaddy. When Air Force One bikes landed at Yangon International Airport, President Obama was the first US president to visit Myanmar.

The best part of the day to see Yangon travel guide

Burma has a predominantly tropic weather, which can generally be classified into three different periods of the year. Yangon is located in southern Myanmar and is relatively hot all year round. Generally the best period to go to Yangon is during the cold months of November to January when it is much cooler and relatively little rain falls.

The months of November to January are convenient, with peaks in the lower 1930s and troughs in the lower 1920s. While the time between June and November is regarded as wet, the rainfall is brief and can be circumvented as well. The Shwedagon Festival is one of the biggest in Yangon and celebrates the biggest festival in the world.

This follows the calender of the lunars and is in February or March. When you want to enjoy the unforgettable celebrations in Myanmar, especially in Yangon, this means that you have to make your choice of itineraries according to the holidays. Please be aware that the celebrations are oriented towards the moons cycles, especially the full moons of each and every single moons months, and therefore take place on different occasions in the westerly, solar-based calender.

Tabaung Monday sees the year' s Shwedagon Fest, the biggest payment party in Myanmar. Full Monday in Tabaung is also a good time to build new paysas, and the city' s own paysafes.

Rangoon: When and where to go?

Burma's or Myanmar's capital, Rangoon has a total of just over 4 million people. Established in the sixth century, the British colonised the town in the nineteenth century and was partially devastated by an earthquake in the early twentieth century. You' ll certainly see the Shwedagon Pagoda, which sits on a mound above the town with its gold Stupa.

There are also many other historic places, musea and fairs to visit. Don't miss the Bogyoke Aung San and Botahtaung Pagodas with their mirror labyrinth, Buddha Chauk Htat Kyee and Hlawgar Wildlife Sanctuary with 70 game. A roundabout ride is also a good way to explore the everyday lives of the town and its neighbouring towns.

There are a number of humble and luxury accommodations in the town, as well as many places where you can sample Burmese, China, Korea or Thailand cuisines. Rangoon can be reached by plane thanks to its cosmopolitan network with a number of Asia.

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