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You can visit numerous buildings from colonial times, the famous. Schedule a visit to Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar. The Rangoon Memorial is located in the centre of Taukkyan War Cemetery. ""Visit Yangon now before it changes forever. Rangoon visiting cruises that stop in Rangoon.

Yangon screenings with Q&A session at Averys

On the occasion of its celebrations, Averys is hosting a unique night never before seen with a show of the current Rangoon movie with one of its star Richard Avery (Mimi's brother) and some tasty fine India cries. You will see the movie while you taste a selected bottle of fine vintage to enrich the event and end up with a quick Q&A with Richard.

  • You will taste 4 different types of vines throughout the night, plus a drink on your return, and each one will be introduced by Mimi Avery. From beginners with a curiosity for wisdom to experts with a winery looking for the next big thing, these tours are aimed at all tastes.

Fives good reason to come to Rangoon

When Burma opens up, Rangoon seems to have moved to the top of the must-go-now group. Luckily, however, this fascinating South East Asiatic town is far from being the next touristic boob. Rangoon is still untouched by the neck-breaking developments and has much to offer to satisfy the border traveller.

Climb aboard a trimshaw for a journey along tree-lined alleys bordered by run-down UK heritage-building. Explore the tracks of coquette of young pairs taking a walk along the shores of Lake Kandawgyi with lotsus beds. Visiting run-down museum full of invaluable artefacts.

Myanmar/Burma Travel Agents

Burma (Myanmar) is one of my favorite places. So I befriended a ceiling salesman on the barge and she asked me to her home. The Swhedagon Pagoda - The lovely gold Stupa is dominating the town. The Bogyoke Aung San Market - Collect nice cloth (they make large pillowcases) monk shoes, marionettes.

A large part of the old town of Mandalay was burned down. Visiting the Mandalay Monumenttempt. But I took the boat and made a friend with the Myanmar people. Hire a bike and jump from pupa to pupa. Burma's bhuddism has developed further and includes the veneration of nature ghosts (in short: the veneration of prodigal souls).

There' s a lot of children in those Stupa.

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