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Under the guidance of a professional guide you will get an insight into the life of Yangon (Rangoon): The former capital makes a. USAID Administrator Mark Green visits Myanmar. Yangon and Sightseeing - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums The best period to visit Burma, as noted above, is from Oct. to Feb., but it is a country that can be visited all year round.

A 5 or 4 week stay is fine to visit Yangon and its environs, 3 or 4 years. Sightseeing, (overnight in Yangon, 4. day)

In Yangon sight seeing plus thirlyin, (former portugese fortress), and Yele Pagode, astonishing place wroth visit. 5th D.

Visit Yangon - Review Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Inya Lake Hotel for 4 days, it was great. It' s architectural style gives an insight into the old Myanmar charms. Bed linen, breakfast, personnel, GM (Suki) & WiFi are available. Calm, tranquil, a place we named at home (away from the monsoon) to get dried up and retreat for the time being.

Astonishing Full Moon Visit - Review of Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

But it wouldn't be the same if this amazing sanctuary didn't exist. The splendour of this holy place leads us back into the past until 588 BC, when two traders met Gautama Buddha, who had reached enlightenment. This pagoda is about 100 metres high and has been cared for and upgraded by monarchs and queens throughout its entirety.

Following this short historical backdrop, one should awaken quite early and go to the sanctuary immediately after sunrise - for many reasons: the magical lights to prevent the warmth of the latter hour and the people. When you want to come with presents to adore Buddha, buy frankincense and blossoms on your way to the doors of the temples.

Visiting the Besuch des Leeds United Football Club en Birmanie : travelling tips

Travel tips for Leeds United supporters traveling to Burma to play MNL All Star Team in Rangoon on May 9, 2018 and Myanmar National Team in Mandalay on May 11, 2018. Please also read our on-line itinerary for Burma. They need a visas to get to Burma.

Passports should be issued at least 6 month from the date of arrival. The UK Travel Document (ETD) is not accepted for travel to Burma. Store your pass safely, make sure it is not nearly full or out of date, fill in the last page (emergency contacts).

Always have a copy of your identification page of your residency card, your visas and your contact details with you. As your European Health Card (EHIC) is not accepted in Burma, you must have traveller's health insurances even if you only stay one or more nights. You will need an urgent medical evacuation card from the British Embassy in Rangoon if you loose your pass.

You will need to obtain a policing certificate (in case your pass is stolen), possibly go to Rangoon, provide all necessary documentation and make a payment before it can be made. If you need help, call the British Embassy on +95 (0) 1370 8634.

Please be aware that the British Embassy cannot get you out of custody and that you may be detained for some while. There may be no expert health care and counselling available and the service provided is not up to the standards of those in the United Kingdom. It' s very important that travellers have health insurances when they visit Burma, as they have to be evacuated in case of an emergency, which is very costly.

Visit the National Traveller Network and Centre website for information on special medical recommendations before travelling to Burma. Zika, encephalitis and dengue fever are present in the county, as well as in the Rangoon and Mandalay area. Prevent obtrusive examination, involving urgent medical examination, due to uneven hygienic conditions and the risk of infections, especially those caused by HIV/AIDS and HIV.

British simulation maps may not work in Burma. Also the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) discourages any trips to parts of Burma. In these areas, the British Embassy's capacity to provide diplomatic aid, even in emergencies, is limited or delay. Offensive worship is a wide concept and may involve any unrespectful portrayal or illustration of Buddha (including tattoos) or other forms of worship, even in relation to people.

Built-in or partially nakedness - which includes the removal of the top - can lead to violations.

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