Visit Naypyidaw

Come and visit Naypyidaw

Are you planning a trip to Naypyidaw? Create a plan with the Naypyidaw Travel Planner and get the right plan for your holiday. Take a look at our guide about Uppatasanti Paya in Naypyidaw so that you can immerse yourself in the Naypyidaw offer before your departure. Exotic tour to the best parts of Myanmar with Bagan, Manaday and Naypyidaw by car only. Naypyidaw Union Territory in Myanmar (Burma)' Naypyidaw Union Territory:

Journey to Naypyidaw - Myanmar's modern capital

This was a spur-of-the-moment choice to visit Naypyidaw for the week-end. I was not really inspired by what I had seen - especially that it is an empty town in the midst of nowhere that has nothing to see or do. If you tell a Myanmar man that you were a Naypyidaw visitor, they will probably look at you in surprise and ask: "But why?"

In the 2000s, the town was clandestine constructed in a secluded bushland area, and replaced Yangon as the country's formal capitol in late 2005. Rumours say that officials only hours before moving to the new capitol, at a daytime supposedly determined by astrogists.

So one Saturday mornings, a mate and I got on a coach for the 5-hour trip to Naypyidaw. Between Yangon and the new capitol, the motorway is in astonishingly good shape and the 300 km long street leads through wide verdant countryside. As its name implies, the area is a large area of the town, with only elegantly designed villas.

The town is subdivided into many of these areas, each of which contains a building that serves a particular use. When we checked in we started to discover the town by motorcycle taxicab. It is a dazzling view to see the mere scale of the streets in the capitol, sometimes up to 12 tracks broad and almost empty.

There is a strong contrasting effect with the busy Yangon town with its small streets and congestion. A further point that every Naypyidaw-goer will notice is how new the building is. Every building in the town is less than 10 years old and constructed in a contemporary architectural interpretation of Burma's ancient architectural heritage.

Unfortunately, the greatest of all buildings, the Parliament, is still taboo for our guests, so we could not visit it. Although the atmosphere and the historic backdrop of the Yangon-Temples are missing, it is a sightseeing attraction not to be miss on a tour to Naypyidaw. All in all, Myanmar's capitol is not an objective to be put on the high-profile.

You probably won't see such a town anywhere else in the whole wide globe. This peculiarity has a charm and if you still have one or two days time, a excursion to Naypyidaw will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

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