Visit Myanmar year

Come and visit Myanmar Year

The Thingyan Water Festival in mid-April is a worthwhile highlight. It is considered the best time to visit Myanmar. His mandate requires two visits to Myanmar per year to report to the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly. Myanmar is best visited from November to February. However, UN investigators were prevented from entering the country earlier this year.

The best season to come to Myanmar

Burma is a South-East Asian rainforest land whose climatic conditions are influenced by the yearly pattern of the tsunami. The temperature and precipitation depends on the seasons and also differ between highlands and lowlands. It is a good period to explore Myanmar with nice temperature, less rain and several festivities.

Bagan, Mandalay and other key levels will seldom see rains. When you are planning to go to several areas, the constancy of the drought will make travelling much more convenient. Myanmar's coolest time of year is the most pleasant, with moderate temperature between 70-80 (20-30?) between 70-80. Overlapped with the summer holidays, this is one of the busy periods for Myanmar's tourist industry.

In spite of the overall hot climate in Myanmar, it is very advisable to bring a few additional shifts for the evening or dawn. A number of areas, especially in the Bagan and Inle Lake regions, can dive at 50? (10?) at nights and early mornings. With the end of the winter and the end of February the temperature starts to rise.

At first the temperature rises to the main plain, which can lead to heights of up to 100? (40?). When visiting Myanmar during the hottest months of the year, it is a good option to go to one of the many beautiful sands. Myanmar is damp and moist from June to October.

At the beginning of the year there will be some of the highest annual temperatures: the maximum temperature in Mandalay and the higher inland areas is 95? (35?). Rainfall is widespread, especially on the coast, in the deltas and in the hills outside the mainland. Especially in the high seasons from July to September there are frequent rains.

Streets can sometimes get washy, making travelling harder and annoying. It is good to review these terms before travelling to Myanmar in these coming month. Nevertheless, one can still have a pleasant rain period if one plans well to visit Myanmar. First, do you know which places are valuable for your precious work?

Coves like Ngwe Saung and Ngapali will be shut down at this point, as will most of the south' s resort and activity. Instead, you should go to the Buddhist sanctuaries of Bagan, Mandalay, Inle and other key inland areas. At the end of the wet seasons there will also be colder and less precipitation. When you are able to come in October, the weather will usually be much better under your own steam and you will be able to prevent the masses of people in the high seson.

Myanmar's colourful civilization encompasses centuries of festivities and indigenous festivities. Travelling during the arid period, you will probably be able to see one of these stunning sites for yourself. There are only a few of the most important festivities here, which are held in the region and beyond: A major Buddha celebration that culminates on a full-lunar day, the Ananda Tempel celebrating the biggest sanctuary in Bagan.

A lot of visitors from other parts of the countryside also come in advance of the festivities. One of Myanmar's most famous festivals is the New Year. During the Thingyan, however, a trip is a unique adventure. If you want to party in Bagan, Mandalay or Inle, be ready for kids to get in on the action and you'll get wet!

When someone is pouring over you, it is best to put in turn a little bit of running over them to give them back the favour of "washing their soul" for the New Year. There are five holy pictures of Buddha in the magnificent panorama next to Lake Inle. Tazaungdiang (Tazaungmon Full Moon), one of the biggest and oldest feasts in Myanmar, can last up to 18 nights.

Illuminate and decorate homes across Myanmar.

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