Visit Myanmar year

Come and visit Myanmar Year

Sell and buy stamps from Myanmar. Encounter with other stamp collectors interested in Myanmar. A trip to Myanmar is always a good idea. " Visiting villages and seeing Myanmar's way of life." Myanmar President and Ms Suu Kyi visited India last year.

Clues to why not visit Myanmar 2018

Burma is one of those "up-and-coming" hot spots where anyone who wants to be adventuresome goes. You shouldn't go to Myanmar in 2018. When I look at my regret for 2017, the fact that I was in Myanmar is at the top of the world. The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are an ethnical purge, and just last weekend Nick Kristof of the New York Times said they were very much in line with the line of the" genocide".

If you visit us, you will be supporting this holocaust. Looking at the images of Rohingya Muslims, I cannot help but think that at least part of the funds I donated to Myanmar committed the horrors in these images. Of what I can find on Wikipedia (and the figures seem to vary), about 10% - 12% of the country's revenue from the tourist industry.

Think of the other way - for every $100 the state spends on arms to arm troops to commit massacres, $10 is contributed by tourist (including me). It is impossible to get around the part where Myanmar tourist is directly supportive of the Myanmar government, giving it more credibility and funding.

A counterargument is that the tourist industry makes a major contribution to the support of the Burmese population. Those who are not part of the administration and are just trying to support their family. If you interrupt the tourist trade, you might think you'd hurt her. After all, it is correct - less tourist income in the business world means less income for the goverment, but also less income for the natives.

I' d say that the natives had opportunities to make income before Myanmar's tourist industry became so widespread, and there are opportunities for them to work. Life as comfortably as that of the tourist industry? It also seems that the regime has ruled that the comfort of these lives is more important than that of the Rohingya.

So, when you leave, make a declaration that you are in agreement with the state. If you are applying for your visas, one of the declarations that you consent to is that you may not visit the protected areas without previous approval. Because there are things the goverment doesn't want you to see - things like holocaust.

Going to Myanmar is a little like going to Hitler's Germany, to know that the Jews were murdered, but to think that Berlin is such a great place to visit. Not the Nazis.

This also means being conscious of what you support when travelling. But, please, I implore you - don't go to Myanmar.

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