Visit Myanmar from Thailand

Explore Myanmar from Thailand

The crossing at Sangkhla Buri (Thailand, Kanchanaburi province) and Payathonzu (Myanmar, Kayin state) is not accessible to foreigners. Singkhorn Pass is open only to Myanmar and Thais travelling in both directions for up to two days. The Mae Sot is the most comfortable land route between Myanmar and Thailand. Myanmar (Burma); Destination: Bangkok, Thailand;

Destinations: You' ll visit a number of incredible temples and pagodas.

Getting to Myanmar by coach from Thailand - Myanmar Message Board

Hello, I'm going to Bangkok for 2 week at the end of September. I' d like to visit the north of Thailand (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) and also Yangon and Bagan (maybe another town in Myanmar, if you think it's profitable).

bangkok-yaangon by coach lasts about 24h, so better several stations, dawei, dawlamyaing, haan, golden skirt, bagso. the information on videoravelbangkok website is out of date and incorrect, for example myawaddy-haan, 12h, actually only 4h.

I' ll take the Bangkok -Yangoon to Mymar. The name of the entrance point. There is no rail from Bangkok to Yangon, you have to take a coach.

Visit Burma without going? {\a6}(Overland trip from Thailand)

There are 5 open frontier points between Myanmar and Thailand....all allow shore trips mainly (there have been some detailled points on trip advisor re entry/exit via shore at the south frontier points)...the only one that definitely requires a landing trip is the most northern point at Mae Sai to Taichileik.

As mentioned above, you can only get there by road to Kengtung, by coach or vans, then you have to go by plane (to Heho/Mandalay/Lashio/Yangon). From where you start, the frontier is the'fastest' for you...e.g. if you start from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in Thailand, then it would be fastest to drive via Mae could drive to Inle on the same date (by coach to Mae Sai, across the frontier, arrival flights from Taichileik to Heho & taxis to Inle).

When you are planning to rent a vehicle and a chauffeur to see "the attractions of Myanmar", then obviously you are not worried about $$, and if you are only interested in Bagan/Inle, then I don't know why you think of a country boundary at all....? Just take a plane from Bangkok (or Kuala Lumpur/Singapore//???) to Yangon or Mandalay and rent your vehicle and drivers.....

Renting a vehicle and rider from Myawaddy/Mawlamyine Tour to Bagan/Inle would be more expensive than traveling from Bgk-Mandalay. You do not need a long as you have your Myanmar visa...then take a flight from Taichileik to Heho. 2- there is no VOA....and since its inception, e-visa has only ever been for aerial entries...unless that has been changing lately...but I have not seen any postings here or TA indicating that they are now fine for entry to national borders.....?

No, there is no'additional fee' at the border..... Actually, there are only 4 sets of transitions internationally. Of course, both are much further away from the most important sights than Mae Sot / Myawady, but it really does depend on where you want to go and how much to do.

Further checkpoints could be opened in the near term, as various newspapers in Thailand and Myanmar suggest, but so far all other checkpoints are only for Thailand tourists, who are mainly only permitted to go on daily excursions near the borders. A peculiar exemption is the one at Dan Singkorn intersection - Thais are permitted to drive to Myeik from there, but not elsewhere.

On the other hand, people from Burma can only go to Prachuab, 12 km away and for no more than 3 nights, while Thais can stay in Myeik for up to 14 of them.

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