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Then visit the Kuthodaw Pagoda and Sandamuni Paya, located a few meters away at the foot of Mandalay Hill. View from U Bein's Teak Bridge, Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar) Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar) Sunset at U-Bein Teak Bridge, Mandalay. Mandalay also has monasteries, some of which are impressive in style and construction. I'll give you some reasons why you should visit Mandalay. The best time to visit Mandalay: Information about the best time, month and season to visit Mandalay when to go to Mandalay, Myanmar.

1, 2 and 3 day tours in Mandalay, Myanmar

If you travel to Myanmar, many will not know exactly which places to visit and how long to be there. In March 2017 I stayed a whole months in the countryside and not only did I visit the most favourite places (Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake), but also others that are not yet on the tourist map, like Mindat.

From all the places I've been to, I think Mandalay is one of the best places in Myanmar, and that's why I've put together three different routes for 1, 2 and 3 nights in Mandalay. Tip: By purchasing a Mandalay Archaeological Zone pass you will gain admission to Atumashi Kyaung, the cultural museum of Mandalay, Kuthodaw Paya, Maharani Paya, Mandalay Palace, Paleik Paya, Shwenandaw Kyaung and the old towns near Amarapura and Inwa.

In Mandalay I suggest you hire a rider or motorcycle and drive to Amarapura for the monks' midday break, which is around 10 - 10:30 am. In Amarapura you can also visit the U Bein Brigde, the longest wooden teenage wooden footbridge in the whole wide open space of 1.2 km, and after that you can come to the carved stones quarter to see artisans working on granite plates to form beautiful and tender Buddha-statures.

You will visit the stunning Shwenandaw Monastery in Burma's traditionally Teakwood look, which was once part of the King's regal flats. Afterwards you visit the Kuthodaw Pagoda and Sandamuni Paya, which lie a few metres away at the bottom of Mandalay Hill.

In order to complete your one-day trip in Mandalay, it is best to visit Mandalay Hill to see the beautiful sundown and to take in the 360 degree views of the town. If you are not so weary, you can visit the Kyauk Taw Ayi Pagoda at the bottom of Mandalay Hill right after sundown.

Amarapura and Mandalay sightseeing tours from US$ 27 can be booked here if you would like. You can also choose to take a Mandalay Heritage Site tour or a personal tour with Viator, a travel consultancy. When you want to stay 2 nights in Mandalay, please join my 1-day program for your first one.

At the second you will take the 9:00 am boat to Mingun and visit Mingun Pahtodawgyi. When you have visited Mingun Pahtodawgyi, visit Mingun Belly, a giant cup that has been poured for the stupa. The Hsinbyume Pagoda (Myatheindan Pagoda), just a few metres from the bells, is different from any other pagoda in Mandalay.

You can relax on the boat and return to Mandalay around 13:00. Here you can reserve your half days to Mingun. After lunch you can cycle around the town and visit the Mahamuni Buddha Temple, which is home to the most venerated Buddha picture in Myanmar; Shwe In Bin Kyaung, one of the most stunning abbeys in Mandalay; and a goldsmith shop to see how to make precious leaves.

Not only will you see more of my 3-day trip, but you will also make it more relaxed and visit some areas more than once, as you will have more free times. The first and second day are therefore different from the two before. In my view, 3 off-peak in Mandalay is the best choice.

Later in the day you cycle around the town and visit Mahamuni Buddha Temple and Shwe In Bin Kyaung. You will visit the Shwenandaw Convent, Atumashi Kyaung (another convent before Shwenandaw) and the Kuthodaw Pagoda and Sandamuni Paya at the bottom of Mandalay Hill.

At night you drive to Mandalay Hill to observe the sundown. On the way to Amarapura in the mornings you will visit the carved stones quarter to see the friars at lunchtime. There is also a visit to a weavery near U Bein Bridge. You will visit the Mandalay Palace, built by King Mindon between 1857 and 1859, but severely bombarded and ravaged during the Second World War.

Therefore, it can disappoint the visitor a little. End your 3 working nights in Mandalay with a full excursion to the three old capital cities (Inwa, Sagaing and Amarapura ) and Mingun (the above attractions). Both Inwa and sagaing are located near Mandalay and offer interesting sights such as couples, convents and historic Sights.

I suggest to visit Mingun first, followed by Sagaing Hill and Inwa and then watch the sun set over the U Bein Bridge in Amarapura. Ancient Cities, Pagodas and Sunday Tour from Mandalay with Viator. You' ll see after three nights in Mandalay why I choose this town of Yangon.

Obviously, these are only proposed routes for 1, 2 and 3 working nights in Mandalay, and you can modify them according to your interests, your budgets and your times. Following these instructions will make your journey to Mandalay much simpler to schedule and more pleasant. Travel safely and have a good life in Mandalay.

Where' s Mandalay? The Mandalay is 716 km northern of Yangon on the east shore of the Irrawaddy River (see chart here). Mandalay can be reached by plane, coach, road, train and even by canoe. Mandalay has an intercontinental airfield that was fully refurbished in 2015.

Several of the airlines that offer services to Mandalay International Airport are: AirAsia, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, Myanmar Airway International, etc. Travelling by coach is the least expensive and simplest way to explore Myanmar. Mandalay is served by busses from Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake, and some of the businesses are in operation:

Family Traveller Express and Khyne Mandalay Express. From Yangon and Bagan there are also train services to Mandalay by Myanmar Railways (MR). Here you can make a reservation for a personal shuttle from Mandalay to Bagan. Is it the best season to visit? Myanmar, the best period to visit Mandalay is from November to February, when the weather is hot ter and the temperatures are cool.

and it was very warm and sober. What places to spend the night in Mandalay? It is one of the best activities in Mandalay to remain in the city centre, as it is near most of the sights. A few of the Mandalay properties I suggest are: About the Link 78 Mandalay Boutique Hotel, Bagan King and Hotel Yadanarbon Mandalay.

Luxury: The Red Canal and Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel.

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