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Please visit Mandalay

A larger selection of photos from the Mandalay area can be found in our Flickr photo album. Mandalay is a jewel worth a visit from the world's biggest bell to the epic sunset - so leave the beaten tracks and experience this magical kingdom. But now I wonder if we should go to Mandalay instead and spend the day there and fly from Mandalay. It is a city without charm, but the area around Mandalay is really worth a visit. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Mandalay and discover the peace and charm of the countryside on a bike tour to the highlights of rural Mandalay.

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Shall I visit Mandalay? I and my boyfriend will be in Myanmar for seven nights, going to Yangon. We' ll visit Bagan and we wonder if it would be prudent to visit Mandalay. Will it be rewarding to try, or will we have much to see and do in Yangon and Bagan?

We are also discussing with a tourist agency to visit Bagan (and Mandalay if we go). Shall I visit Mandalay? I' m skip Mandalay myself. Shall I visit Mandalay? Shall I visit Mandalay? Shall I visit Mandalay? What's the layout of the remainder of your day? Shall I visit Mandalay?

I' ve been to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake last year, and I like Mandalay the most! I like Bagan very much and the sights are very close together, but I don't like my guidebook and the hotel people there. Perhaps I got a great native Mandalay tour leader who showed me many nice places and not many visitors, some were even no visitors at all who let us take great kites.

However, it would be better if you could spend 2-3 nights there, as the places of interest are very far apart. Shall I visit Mandalay? don't say how you're going out...or if your 7 day flight includes your day of arrivals and departures.....? Shall I visit Mandalay? There are many good reason why you should visit Mandalay.

Shall I visit Mandalay? And I didn't really like Mandalay. and north of Mandalay. Shall I visit Mandalay? Getting timer, better to use agents, maybe whole packet or collapse, whatever you need, go for it. almost 7 days or a good enough weeks soundtrack for a tour through Bagan and Yangon.

The Mandalay is your reward, split it about one. Five dawns for that. It' a sight to see, but before Bagan. Shall I visit Mandalay?

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