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Two-day UN Security Council trip to Myanmar

The United Nations Security Council's 15 members will be visiting Myanmar for two full working weeks early next week, following an invitation from the Myanmar administration to investigate the state of Rakhine. "Our crew will spent one full working afternoon in Naypyitaw and another in Rakhine State.

It' been a long while since they've visited Myanmar. It has been called by the United Nations as a means of co-operation. Myanmar's Myanmar Deputy to the UN sent our invitation," said U Myint Thu. On 26 April, the UN Secretary -General's mission to Bangladesh will be leaving New York before completing its Myanmar mission on 2 May.

The visit will also be attended by Myanmar's five neighbouring states, UNSC officials and Singapore as ASEAN Chairperson. While the invitation of members of the UNSC to Rakhine State could mitigate global criticisms of the Rakhine state' s governance for failure to provide clarity and free press, it is important to be ready for the repercussions if Myanmar does not live up to its aspirations, said Daw Pyone Kay Thi Naing, a member of the House of Commons Internaiton.

Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu said that his administration has organized transport and safety for the dean. Myanmar's administration is facing global criticism for the expulsion of Islamic immigrants and violations of humanitarian law by members of the military personnel.

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