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The Pope Francis visits Bangladesh and Myanmar in November | World Press Releases This year Pope Francis will be travelling to Myanmar and Bangladesh to draw public interest to the hardship of the Stateless Rohingya group. As the Vatican said on Monday, the leaders of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics will be in Myanmar from 27 to 30 November and in neighboring Bangladesh from 30 November to 2 December.

Myanmar will be the first time that any Popes will come to the land formerly known as Burma. John Paul II paid a trip to Bangladesh in 1986. Franziskus has made regular statements in defense of the Rohingya, a prosecuted Islamic group in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. He commented on the clash between Myanmar's Myanmar police and the alleged Rohingya fighters on Friday and Saturday, in which many lives were lost.

Cruelty from the aggression that broke out on Friday with co-ordinated assaults by Rohingya rebels rose to 98 on Sunday, among them 80 rebels and 12 members of the world' s largest military group. As a result of the conflict, several hundred people fled isolated communities in the state of Rakhine in the north of Myanmar, most of whom wanted to travel across the Bangladesh frontier.

Those assaults represented a tragic intensification of a dispute that has been smouldering in the area since October last year, when a similar but much smaller Rohingya assault triggered a violent army mission plagued by accusations of violations of people. Treating some 1.1 million Muslim Rohingya in mainly Buddhist Myanmar has proved to be the greatest challenges facing her.

Friday she denounced the roundups during which rebels attacked 30 policing units and a military basis with rifles, poles and home-made shells. A number of European opponents blamed the Nobel prizewinner for not standing up for the long pursued Moslem minorities and to defend the army's counter-attack following the October outrages.

It organizes non-Muslim institutions in buddhistic convents, administrative agencies and policing units in large citys. The Bangladesh State Department said it was worried that tens of thousands of" Myanmar unarmed" have gathered near the borders to arrive in the state. Since the early 90s, Rohingya has been escaping from Myanmar to Bangladesh, and there are about 400,000 in the land where they are a cause of the tensions between the two countries, both of which they consider to be the people of the other one.

Vatican said that Francis would be visiting Yangon and the capitol of Naypyidaw while he was in Myanmar and the capitol of Bangladesh, Dhaka, on the second stage of his journey.

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