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Come and visit Bagan

Has Bagan become a new destination in your note's travel guide? So why visit Bagan? It is a must with thousands of temples. Practical information such as restaurants, ATMs, accommodation and transport can be found in the cities of Bagan. A great experience of any trip to Bagan is climbing a pagoda to watch the sunrise or sunset on the temples and the surrounding plain.

Many primitive temples and pagodas

Has Bagan become a new target in your note's itinerary? So why visit Bagan? As one of the largest places of worship in the worid, Bagan has a multitude of historical buildings, splendid rises and sets and an order of magnitudes that is inconceivable to anyone. Lesser known than the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia, Bagan is definitely one of the must-sees in South East Asia.

You will breathlessly experience the pure number and variety of monuments and monuments in the city. Over 2000 antique churches scattered around Bagan, each with its own enchanting beauties and historic and religious meaning. When you come to Bagan in January or February, you will have the opportunity to observe year round local groups of local people who come here to observe the tradition of the city.

When you think about why you should visit Bagan, a celebratory period of course gives a worthy response! An easy way to see a temple, pagoda or paya from a bird's perspective is a warm aerials. Breathtaking scenic flight over the singular town of Bagan with incomparably magnificent scenery of thousand of ancient sanctuaries.

In any case, you have the view of the culture town from the sky! Savour an unparalleled view of the panorama from the top patio of the renowned temple and the tranquil Irrawaddy River in the mornings. Ballooning adventures are strongly recommendable, especially for those who loves taking pictures and the best scenery in Myanmar that you have never seen before!

Bagan, a new or an old Bagan? Actually, the Bagan area is split into three excluded cities. New Bagan in the southern part, Old Bagan in the northern part and the newest city, Nyaung Oo in the eastern part of Old Bagan. That is one of the reason why you should visit Bagan!

Don't be in such a hurry in Bagan. Bicycle or horse-drawn carriage around each part of the city and take a full circuit: from new Bagan to old Bagan, drive to Nyaung Oo and end up in New Bagan. Even the scenic view or the largest temple inspires with its own exclusive beaut.

Bagan, with contemporary and antique cities, allows you to explore everything in just one town. A visit to Bagan culminates in climbing the stairs of Mount Popa, the lofty peaks of the mountain and watching the beautiful sundown. It is a rainbow of sunshine, the red shimmer of a stupa and the enormous plains are gradually darkened by the sundown.

In Bagan, however, it's definitely surf. With over 2,000 buddhistic abbeys, shrines and palagodas, the Bagan Plains offer the visitor a different perspective on romance. Crawl to the top of Lawkaoushaung, look at the light that rises above the lively shrines and their shadows in the gold screen. When' s the best season to get on a bent knees, as against a background of sun-kissed Burma's temple?

Lonelyplanet says Bagan is one of the best places to get YES for an offer! A visit is worthwhile! When you come to Bagan, it is better to try the regional cuisine in small pasta and terrarys. Myanmar cuisine is known as the great blend of different flavours of Asia: Indian, Thai and Chinese.

Bagan has all these flavours and more to offer. Myanmar cooking is always one of the reasons to visit Bagan! You should not miss a opportunity to try genuine curries. In contrast to curries in Thailand, India or Cambodia, eggnog curries in Bagan have their own shop! Usually made from hen's balls with the fatty flavour of freshly curried grape.

In addition, other Myan chefs serve in Bagan, for example Kyay oh (from the vermicelli pasta in broth with pieces of pig meat and vegetables), Mala there ( (contains toofu, coffee, green pepper, carrot, rice pasta and other vegetables). Featuring a broad spectrum of civilizations and ethnical groups as well as along the story, an excellent meal in Bagan is a must on your Myanmar outings.

A Bagan, with its thousand sanctuaries, breathtaking aerial and alpine monuments and a culinary delight, will make you completely captivated by the savage town of Myanmar. That' s why you should visit Bagan to shadow the best of magic Myanmar!

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