Vishnu City

City of Vishnu

Despite the great demand, the historical architecture of the city has largely been preserved. located in Hyderabad, Vishnu City In is a residential complex of Vishnu Projects. Here is what Akhilesh Yadav's Lord Vishnu City may look like in UP

"We' re developing a city on behalf of Lord Vishnu over 2,000 acre of farmland near Lion Safari (Etawah). We' ve got plenty of country in the chambals and the city will have a large Vishnu sanctuary that will be a copy of the famed Angkor Wat temple," said Mr. Yadav, a former UP headmaster, PTI.

Previously, Mr Maurya had said that if necessary a bill for the building of a Ram sanctuary could be submitted to parliament. UP Vice Prime Minster had proposed that the bill could be introduced if there was "no way out" and his political group had the appropriate power in both buildings of parliament.

Any supporter of Lord Ram knows that. However, Mr Yadav pledged that he would create a city in the name of Lord Vishnu, whose reincarnations were Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

Mr Yadav assaulted the BJP, saying that it was a local political group that did nothing.

Yadav has published a "Haq Ayur samman" series from Kannauj next months.

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