Visa run to Burma from Thailand

Visas to Burma from Thailand

Coming from KB, take a taxi to the border crossing. 530-hectare Ranong Visa Run - Ranong Province Forum Today I made the Ranong visa without having to pay a travel agent and thought I would split the procedure gradually to help other human beings. There' s the "Andaman Club" jetty on the NW side of the city, where you can take an A/C ferry to the Andaman Club Estate and Casinos, where you can both run the visa and play.

There is the jetty on the SW side of the city, where the visa is taken by long-tail and is a bit more adventure. I' ve made the long tail choice, that's what this is about. I went to KTB Bank and traded 300 bahts for a crunchy new $10 US dollar bill.

{\Make sure it's flawless and keep it level or you're having problems in Burma. 2 ) I took a Songsthaew from the center of Ranong to the central pillar in Saphan Pla (it was 15 Bahts and I took a #4 Songsthaew, but I think #3 goes there too). Somehow the jetty is hiding behind a big petrol station/7-11.

You will find the petrol pump about 50 metres behind the Koh Phayam/Koh Chang jetty on the right-hand side of the street. DON'T go to the Thailand immigration office, which is about 800 metres from the jetty. This is not the place to cancel your pass! 4 ) I began looking for a yacht and was contacted by an older Thailander who was well clothed and had good whiteness.

So he asked me if I needed a sailboat and asked me for a 200 buht ferry ride. √ĘThis was a great prize (I am hearing it is usually 300+ Baht) so I went for it. He' had gathered some other aliens and after about 10 min. we were accompanied to a long-tail boot.

5 ) The trip to Burma takes about 30 min. 6 ) At the Myanmar bureau I branched off my $10 bill and they're working on my pass (but I don't think they put a stamp on it there). Then I was asked if I needed to buy smokes, alcohol, etc. before returning to Thailand.

After about 20 min. in Burma I got back on the barge and drove back to Thailand. Along the way we paused at three check points (one Burmese, where I believe they eradicated my pass and two Thai, where they checked the vessel for contraband).

30 mins on the sea we came back to the jetty where I began. 9 ) I went out to the highway and catched a song-thaew back to Ranong city centre (15 baht). Costs: 230 Balt + $10 bill for Burma = 530 Balt for everything. I' m quite sure this is about as inexpensive as the Ranong visa could be.

Talking to other aliens on the ship, they were paying between 700 and 1200 Bahts for their organized visa trips. I' m sure the guys on the raft will take your pass a few time.

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