Visa run Thailand to Burma

Thailand to Burma Visa

Easy Visa Run from Bangkok - Kanchanaburi to Burma Myanmar. Now cross the bridge again, fill in your new arrival card for Thailand and have your passport stamped. A Visa from Chiang Mai, Thailand (Visa Requirements 2018)

Our 30-day visa waiver expired after a month's trip through northern Thailand. We' re in Chiang Mai to renew our visa. You have several possibilities, such as extending your visa for another 30 nights at the Thai Immigration Office.

Or, you can go to a neighbouring state to get a new postmark when you cross the Thai frontier back to Thailand. Unfortunately, the rules are changing rapidly and it is really hard to find up-to-date information on the implementation of a Thailand visa in 2017. Since we still have five additional Thai visa applications, we had to renew it if we wanted to go to the North.

We' ve been to Chiang Mai, and fortunately there are several ways to renew a visa. Thai immigration in Chiang Mai is happy to renew it for 1,900 thbs. Their only option was to go to a neighbouring state to apply for a visa.

However, making a visa run has become more complex because of the ever-changing regulations. Tourist visas were made illegitimate last year, but that has again undergone a change. As of January 2017, visitors can apply for an interurban visa again, but only twice a year.

There is no visa requirement for driving through Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Don Muang International Airport. They may, however, be asked for 6 visa-free entry requirements. At the Mae Sai frontier checkpoint, which is located at the northernmost point of Thailand. The majority of Thais and foreigners go across the borders to Burma.

There are busses from the Arcade train terminal to Mae Sai, with a stop in Chiang Rai. Unfortunately we can't say if this is convenient or not, because we hiked from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. From Chiang Rai, if you are already in Chiang Rai, you can take the local shuttle service at the school.

You have to take a song dew towards the frontier from here. You will be taken directly to the frontier crossing for a flat rate of 15 TB per person. It is very easy to obtain the visa. Simply go into the frontier crossing and get your departure postmark.

There is a large plaque that says visa travel is prohibited, but you can overlook this. Frontier officials know very well that you are applying for a visa. Boarder officials here are kind and will give you a 14-day limited travel authorization. On the other hand, they will keep your pass until you return at the same checkpoint.

Clear your purse and keep your money from passing the checkpoints. You show the immigration officials that you only have $10, they'll take it. They will be ready for you right after the frontier. Please note: Travelling further than Kengtung is not possible if you do not have a Myanmar (e-)visa before entry!

Walk around, but be wary when you buy fake goods, because they can get you into difficulties when you return to Thailand. Thai- Baht is used everywhere, so no currency change is necessary. Go back to Thailand is simple, go to the last screen at Burma check-point and drop off your authorization.

Now you have to traverse the river again, fill in your new Thailand Arrivals Ticket and have your pass validated. Now you have a new 30-day visa waiver! Last coach to Chiang Mai departs Mae Sai at 6pm. Timetable can be found on the Greenbus Thailand website. There is a $26 per person per return to Chiang Mai from Chiang Mai to Mae Sai, across the Thai frontier and back in one working or travel.

It is also possible to remain in Chiang Rai to see the renowned White Temple and the nearby falls and canyons. Agreeing to make a visa run is a whole bunch of trouble and will take a whole days, but getting a new 30-day visa for half the cost of immigration is rewarding for us!

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