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Myanmar Thailand Visa

Romang-visa run for tourist visa holders 2017 Hello everyone, our visa run experiences - it was very straightforward - the links I post when opening the threads describe how to do it. From Ranong Market we drove a songthaew (red truck) to Saphan Pla (this is the Ranong pier) - 15 thb per one. A few and a half day earlier we exchanged Thai Baht for two 10 US dollar notes in a Japanese banking house - much better exchange rate.

For clarification: Did you already have the $10 US dollar bill before the race on that date? But, yes, the banks' rates of return are much better than those of whores near the frontier. However, they are better than the Myanmar migration, which would have cost 500 BH. Where is Ranong Market from Ranong Bus Station?

After telling the lorryman that we were going to Myanmar, he pulled over in front of the right quay and indicated us. A young man came out of the van and asked us if we wanted to get a visa and said he would require 250 TB for it - we consented and he accompanied us to all the stops we needed to run the visa:

Photocopy of the passport - if you need to change currencies - exit stamps in Thailand - arrivals in Myanmar - arrivals in Thailand again - the whole thing took 2 hrs and was straightforward. It' s correct that since 12/2016 you can make only 2 visa circulations per calendar year.

No Myanmar visa is required to apply for the visa!........ This involved the round voyage to Myanmar and back to Thailand? Malaysians are excluded, as are persons with multiple-entry visa. In Kawthoung I could see the market from the place where I postmarked my Myanmar pass and could enter the land without an formal visa because they do not control it........

I' m not very experienced with visa, but what happens if you come to Myanmar without a visa? By the way, that $10 US dollar bill was actually for the Myanmar visa :) However, for most western visitors, they leave the same date on an out-in, so they only stamps you in and back at the same times.

You used to tell folks to look around too; if you were never there, it's Worth it to graze them.

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