Visa run Myanmar

Myanmar Visa

Comfortable, safe and reliable visa service from Chiang Mai to Mae Sai. It is a visa "how to do it". A visa to Myanmar to remain legal in Thailand.

A visa run is a way for foreign nationals to prolong their regular residence in Thailand by travelling to a neighbouring state for five consecutive min. Returnees may remain in Thailand for another 30 day term (a border of 90 within a 180-day period). Typical subjects are diving teachers without work visa, westerly men who don't want to abandon their newly found Thai friends, and tourist like us who want to remain in the Promised World until we fly back.

After we had had enough of Patong, we decided to use the visa to visit some other places in the south of Thailand. At Ranong, Thailand - the starting point for a visa run to Myanmar - we spent the night in the Kiwi Orchid Guesthouse, favorably situated at the school.

We' ve arranged the visa for the next day with the guest house owners. More uncomfortably, nothing in the holder's declaration of visa circulation was ever entirely clear, which facilitated it. It worried us by saying that our $10 notes for Myanmar were not crunchy or new enough (i.e. they apparently did not have all the anti-counterfeiting actions now included in the new multicolored US dollar notes).

The Myanmar frontier officers are choosy and heavy. We had no other option than to believe that their mindset was real. So we went to the near nightshows to see what Ranong had to show. We were greeted by an infinite selection of curry, barbecued cuttlefish and horse-shoe crab; we ended the day with a plate of sugary tango and gooey brown paddy for less than $1. When we left the Thai migration the next day with our departure stamps, we saw how we took meal to the folks behind the gates, which was like a pantry for mops.

For a few nights they remain there until they are straped into a coach and transported to distant areas in the north of Myanmar in the hope that they will not return to the South. Like the Mexicans who are risking their life to come to America, the Myanmar people are swimming or taking shaky vessels to get to Thailand and find work.

So we got back in the limousine and went to the jetty to jump on a longtail to Myanmar. Passing small temple and Buddha statue isles, we were wiped out one last times from Thailand and then to the side of Myanmar. On Myanmar's side we jumped off the ship, not sure what to ask of the immigrant officials after the guest house manager called.

I had such a lovely reception in Myanmar. Returning to Thailand, we made ourselves lawful until our plane back to Vienna, plus a two-day pillow. It was our third postage stamps in 180 working nights and would be the end of our visit to Thailand. Visas Run trips are offered by most agencies in Phuket, Krabi or other beaches for 1,300 to 1,500 BHT and includes transportation to and from Myanmar.

If it is carried out in one working hour, it will take about 12h. From Krabi or Phuket city there are regular busses to Ranong (Note: For those who get slightly ill, the air conditioning in the coach begins to break down when it is on winding highways. Ranong allows agencies and hostels to organise the transportation of 300-400 BHT by road and sea to and from the migration authorities.

Wherever you can stay: Though the information is volatile and changes often (perhaps due to a transfer of ownership), the visa process ran smoothly and lasted only two-hour.

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