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Up-to-date information will help you get a visa from Chiang Mai to the Mae Sai border crossing! The Mae Sot Visa Border Run Since I had to refresh my Non O METV visa before March 23rd, I chose to go to Mae Sot for a while because I went to Mae Sai earlier (I was stationed in Lampang). After a 6am descent from Lampang last Saturday 18/3 my G/F's bro was lucky to be driving and the trip to Tak was good and inconclusive.

On the way back we had scheduled a short trip to Myawaddy and the unavoidable visiting of the temples. So we turned to the street to Mae Sot to find the street in a state of change. Formerly a single-lane, curvy highway, it is now being upgraded into what appears to be a four-lane highway, with the result that large works are being carried out everywhere and large trucks are moving forward at a speed of 10 mph or narrow-gauge.

As a result, a 3-hour ride became a 6+-hour silent ride. Myanmar, I had to be in a small Myanmar offices waiting for'Head honcho' to come back, who, having freed me from 500 Bahts, labeled me in and out of Myanmar at the same moment.

Coming back to Thailand through immigrating no problem and a smile with the very nice immigrant official. I was disappointed because I expected a similar store to Mae Sai, so we got involved in a fast brew and returned to Thailand, especially given the long awaited trip back to Tak.

The main reasons for the mail is due to the present traffic conditions and best to prevent it was a sluggish, hurtful one. Myawaddy was a disappointment too, but maybe we didn't have the opportunity to do any more research because we were getting scarce in our schedule.

Keep visas on: The Mae Sot Visa runs from Chiang Mai to Myanmar

A trip through South East Asia means that you must accept the visa and a visit to Thailand for any period of your life means that you must do so. It is certainly a little less expensive than Laos via Vientiane or Huay Xai, Laos from Chiang Khong, Thailand, for example. When you are really in a hurry, a visa to Laos would probably be a better choice, but you will be paying more for the privileges.

Mae Sot is a 5 1/2 - 6 hours drive from Chiang Mai's main station with several stop. There will be 11:45 (A-Class / second class) and 13:10 (X-Class / first class) publicity. They can be booked on-line or taken to the coach station in advance. Go to a guest house, get a room and just chill out.

At Mae Sot station, turn right onto Intarakiri Street (note that this is NOT the motorway - you will see it disappear into the distance). It is about one kilometre on foot before you see the inns - you will know that you are nearby when you see the Arisa Hotel on the right.

We chose Ban Pruk Sa Guesthouse (GPS: 16,713824.98. 559733) - 400 bahts per room per night for a very good room with warm showers, cabel TV and Queenize beds. That made a much better decision than Ban Thai nextdoor, which had a bigger room, but only a double room for twice the cost.

It has been around for over 15 years, and the meal includes something of everything - Mexico, Canada, Thailand and much more. You will see a signage as you descend Intarakiri Highway - it is about 900 metres from Guest House Ban Pruk Sa, and just one side lane to the right.

Walking around a little - it's the only piece of post-sunset city has. Locate a tuk-tuk or song-thaew and drive to Rim Moei (the rider may understand'the border' or'Myanmar', but Rim Moei is where you're going). One could hire a bicycle and go to the frontier, but one would probably have to leave it somewhere on the Thai side.

The charge for the same-day visa is $10 US$ or 500 Thai Balt (a marginal surcharge as 500 Baltar is approximately $15 USD). And you don't need to buy Kiev, because the shops offer you a (typically) reasonable rate in Thai Bh.

When you want to make an addition to your overseas fundraising, you can always switch a small amount of Thailand Bh. Surprisingly, 100 Bahts (just over $3 USD) translates into about 3,000 Kie. Await about 100 Bahts or 3,000 Kyats. Pro Tip: Myawaddy / Myanmar takes 30 min less than Mae Sot / Thailand.

Name it a marvelous peculiarity to cross boundaries, but put your clock back half an hours or remind yourself every single times you look at your mobile telephone. You have to leave Myanmar by 4:30 p.m. Thaiii hours. Go back to Myanmar Migration Office - the same gate you opened before, now on your lefthand side - and trade the card(s) for your passport.

After crossing the river again, drive back to Thailand. Go back to screen 4, fill in the Arrivals Form and present your pass. In Thailand, pass the market on the road and look for a song-thaew back to Mae Sot (15-20 Baht). When in a rush, one or two motorbike taxis may be nearby (60 Baht).

Go back to your guest house to tidy up or wind your way through the city. You will see a shield along Intarakiri Street - if it gets lost, the GPS is 16.711867,98.56117. Coming from the Ban Pruk Sa Guest House, drive westwards (back to the coach station) and turn off to the lefthand after approx. 150 metres.

Turn the second street on the right and go about 250 metres - it is on the right. Whereever you dine, go back to your guest house or your accommodation and sleep - it' s an early morning! From Mae Sot to Chiang Mai there are two busses: 6:00 and 8:00. In contrast to other coach operators in Thailand, driving is more punctual or nearer to punctuality than anyone else I've driven with.

There are other coach operators nearby, and if you are travelling elsewhere in Thailand, just keep your sights open. Otherwise you can close your sight, read or write - you drive back to Chiang Mai with a new visa cancel and a new state.

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