Visa Requirement for Malaysian to Myanmar

Malaysian to Myanmar visa requirement

Note: Malaysians can apply for Myanmar Tourist Visa at Ever Fine Services. Malsians need a visa to travel to Myanmar. Union Embassy of Myanmar Address:No. If my sister-in-law, who is Malaysia PR and Myanmar passport holder, needs a visa? We' re a company that saves you time and frustration.

Visas by country

Please note: For those destinations indicated with ( *), entry to Malaysia is only permitted by air....: Israeli citizens** wishing to travel require a visa and a permit from the Ministry of the Interior, Malaysia. A visa is not necessary for ASEAN citizens other than Myanmar for a period of less than one (1) months.

Visa are needed for a period of more than ( (1) months, except for citizens of Brunei and Singapore. The yellow fever certification must be issued when you land in Malaysia for the following countries:

Malaysia, Myanmar agrees to renounce visas for civil servants, travelers on businesses

: Malaysians and Myanmar have basically decided not to apply the visas for civil servants and travelers to facilitate their travel between the two states. Under the terms of the Accord, there would be no need for visas for civil servants and businesses supported by their local Chamber of Trade from both states.

"No visas are mutual," he said to journalists after the mission briefing between Prime Minister Datuk Serbia Najib Razak and Myanmar President U Thein Sein here in the Perdana Putra Building on Friday. The question of whether the question of visas for travel to Myanmar was raised during the Malaysia-Myanmar conference that took place on the last two days of Thein Sein's two-day state mission to Malaysia.

This is Thein Seins first trip to Malaysia at the request of Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah. We will continue to work and debate for normal pass holder in the near future," Anifah added. One learns that the particulars of the exemption will later be clarified by civil servants from both states.

Malaysians need a visitor permit to travel to Myanmar, according to a website,, which has released information on travel to Asia and Australia. This website said that Malaysians are not subject to exemptions or visa-free entry. Myanmar's Embassy in Malaysia has declared on its website that Malaysians travelling to Myanmar can request a tourism visas, a commercial visas, a multi-entry visas, a welfare visas and an intermediaryvisas.

When asked about Malaysians' difficulties in obtaining a visa to Myanmar, Anifah said Malaysia's and Myanmar's Minister of National Tourism would work together to encourage the development of travel not only between Malaysia and Myanmar but also among ASEAN member states. Mr Anifah said Malaysia and Myanmar were also discussing educational co-operation between the two nations, where Myanmar announced that the Malaysian Technical Co-operation Programme (MTCP) needed more places.

In all, 1,559 Myanmar civil servants have been educated under the scheme since 1983. "He added that Malaysia will still be offering them places (Myanmar). Commenting on the emergency situation of the Rohingyas in Malaysia, Anifah said the issue had also been debated at today's session. "We will have an ongoing debate to be debated during the Malaysia-Myanmar JCC in June," he said.

Commenting on the murders in which Myanmar citizens were involved in Malaysia, Anifah said the issue had also been brought to the attention of Myanmar's President by the PR.

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