Visa Requirement for Malaysian to Myanmar

Malaysian to Myanmar visa requirement

Malaysian visitors must have a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months beyond the planned visit period. India (Delhi-Gurgaon), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Jakarta. This regulation does not apply to foreigners making official visits. Myanmar Normal Passport Holders". Sout Africans do not need a tourist visa for Malaysia.

Malaysia eVisa Information

It is an E-VISA, an e-visa system of the Malaysian government. Whilst the VISA is a visa, no sticker or postmark is affixed to the card. You will need the EISA to be able to enter and transit within Malaysia. Guests arriving in Malaysia for tourist reasons must present a current e-visa at the point of arrival.

Malaysian eVISA is a Single Entrance Visa (SEV). A licensed eVISA allows for three ( (3) months) travel to Malaysia and allows up to thirty (30) successive nights in Malaysia. Passports must be in force for at least six (6) month at the time of filing the request. eVISA enables the traveller to travel to Malaysia via all points of entrance and outwards.

Nationals of the following counties are entitled to receive an electronic visa for Malaysia, which includes China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. Any authorized traveler in possession of a current ePassport can apply here to apply for Malaysia on-line using this form. Supplementary evidentiary requirements: All you need at the time of your request is your personal data.

You can submit further papers at a later date if your resume requires them. Any visitor traveling with an electronic visa must present the following papers upon arriving at the Malaysian immigration port: Print copy of the authorized E-visa; passport with a minimum validity of 6 month (must be the one used to fill out the E-visa application); confirmation of your reservation; proof of your lodging; adequate coverage of costs during your time in Malaysia (cash/travel cheques/debit or card).

Malaysian E-visa candidates receive e-mail alerts and job applications update. Once it has been finalised and accepted, the EISA is sent directly by e-mail to the requester. Please review the state of your job applications here. Is an e-visa required for entry into Malaysia by a minor? Under-18s must obtain an EISA and have their own passports.

In order to apply for an E-visa for Malaysia, visitors must have a current identity pass, debit and debit cards and an e-mail adress. Remember that all information contained in the on-line job applications - name, date and place of delivery, adress, sex, citizenship and ID number - must appear exactly as they appear on the pass or other official travelling documents.

In order to qualify for a Malaysian E-visa, all qualified prospective users can enter their e-visa on-line applications here.

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