Visa on Arrival at Myanmar

Visas on arrival in Myanmar

This type of visa is named after the question "Where can I get a visa for Myanmar? Non-immigrant foreigners must apply for a non-immigrant visa before entering Myanmar. Nationals of certain countries are entitled to apply for a visa upon arrival at certain immigration checkpoints. Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for an entry visa to Myanmar.

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  • Whole Name as stated in your Myanmar Identity Card, - Sex, - Father's name, - National origin, - Religious background, - ID number, date of issuance, date of birthday, place of delivery, profession, home adress, - Aim of your visit to Myanmar, - Date of your stay, - Date of your destination, your number and a photograph (a photograph can be scanned).

VOA authorization form and two passports. 1 ) The best application period is one months before the date of your stay. 2 ) You can submit your application to the Burma Mission in Cambodia or through a VOA agent. Please find in Rangoon what is meant by "myanmar touristic visa" and find a trustworthy traveler.

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Welcome to Myanmar Visa Information! The latest UMTA (Union of Myanmar Travel Association) reports that business people and meeting topics will receive a visa upon arrival in Myanmar from June 1, 2012. The Director General of Immigration, Maung Maung Maung Than, said that the visa will be $50, but will not be available to visitors.

Visa are available for citizens of the following 27 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA, South Korea and North Korea. Arrival in Myanmar with a pre-arranged visa upon arrival via the SHAN YOMA Services (subject to the following conditions) with an advance request on our clients' account to the competent authorities, which may take 10 full working day or 2week.

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International investment, staff and their families must obtain a commercial permit before they enter Myanmar. You have three options to obtain a commercial permit. Thilawa SEZ One Stop Service Center will be required to obtain a multiple-entry reentry permit if a Thilawa SEZ company intends to remain a longer one.

When applying for the multi-pass reentry visas, the residence permits must be requested at the same moment. The first applicant may be granted a six-month multi-pass reentry specific reentry visas (with a residence card for the same period). From the second request, a twelve-month multi-pass reentry specific reentry visas (with the residence permits for the same period) may be made out.

The entry visas for businessmen from abroad are summarised as follows. Commercial VISA: Such visas are issued to candidates from economic organisations that have a branch in Myanmar or that intend to do so. Visas are issued for three month from the date of issuance for a 70-day sojourn.

Business visas are also granted to expatriates and their families. A VISA on arrival is available at Myanmar International Airport, for those who live abroad where there are no Myanmar missions or for those who have not had enough to apply for an entry visa at the Myanmar missions.

Residence permit: The residence permits are issued to foreigners who plan to remain in Myanmar for more than 90 nights. Applicants must obtain a 70-day residence visa after entry into Myanmar through VISA. The residence permits can be renewed. An alien who is required to travel to another country for the duration of the legal residence must request a re-entry visa.

The VISA Multiple Journey Special Re-Entry VISA (MJSRV) allows multiple records and the VISA SRV (Single Re-Entry) allows only one record. Investors who have received the investment permit from Thilawa Special Economic Zone Management Committee can obtain the following VISA and immigration related assistance for their expatriates and their families through the Thilawa Special Economic Zone Immigration Department of the SCC.

Immigrant workers who can request a residence permit (FRC/MJSRV/SRV) from the Immigration Department of the OSSC Thilawa Special Economic Zone are: expatriate workers and their families who receive confirmation of their occupation from the investor's agent. Working abroad and their families belonging to the investor's group entities, such as the headquarters or other offices/factories in Myanmar and abroad, if approved by the investor's agent, at the investor's factory/company to assist their operations and their families.

Please note that staff and their relatives who plan a residence of more than 90 nights must request a residence card and a residence document from abroad (FRC). If you are requesting visas upon arrival, an investor (employer) should mail an e-mail with a copy of the company's confirmation of your residence to your overseas co-worker and/or your relatives who will request such a visas at the Aiport.

If you are entering Myanmar, this document and a copy of the company's confirmation of your enrolment must be presented at the airport's Visa-on-Arrival counter. Then, a commercial permit will be granted. Entry visas (for commercial purposes) are 90-day. Investors can also obtain various types of advisory service from the OSSC Immigration Department, such as arriving for and applying for VISA at a Myanmar foreign embassy.

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