Visa for Myanmar for Indian Citizens

Myanmar visa for Indian nationals

Myanmar citizens get free visas to India NOY PYI TAW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India will provide a free visa to Myanmar's citizens who want to be there. Mr Modi made this announcement during his meeting with State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi after the two heads had conducted extensive discussions here. "I' m happy to announce that we have agreed to give a free (free) visa to all Myanmar citizens who want to come to India," Modi said.

Mr. Bangemann also said that India has agreed to free 40 Myanmar citizens who are currently held in various prisons in India. "Soon they will be able to see their family in Myanmar," said the PM. Modus also claimed that India to Myanmar is in the midst of the challenge before it.

"I' m optimistic that we will work together in the near term to build a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership," Modi said. Previously, during the discussions at mission levels, Modi said: "We want to help Myanmar's grassroots effort as part of our "Sabka sow seeds of Myanmar " campaign. As a neighbor and within the framework of the Act East Policy, he said strengthening relations with Myanmar was a top-riority.

Visa Information for Australia in India - Visa Types

The purpose of this visa is the transitory admission of persons for tourist use. The visa allows Australians to come to Australia for a vacation or rest, or families and/or boyfriends for a period of up to three or six or twelve month. The visa can also be used for other short-term non-professional uses.

So who should be applying? The visa is available to all travellers outside Australia who wish to obtain a visa to enter Australia. Click here for more information on the tourist visa. People of certain nationality can submit applications to an electronic travel agency (ETA) or eVisitor.

As of December 5, 2016, customers in India who apply for a Subclass 600 visa at one of our AVAC' s in India and fulfill the following requirements will be eligible for an option to receive a Near-track Priority Program for an AUD1000 (INR 52,900) surcharge.

Most Priority Service requests are completed within 48 hrs of receipt by the Australian High Commission. All visa seekers must, however, comply with the statutory immigration laws for the issuance of a visa for visitors, which includes the obligation for visa seekers to carry out appropriate medical, physical and safety controls.

Any other information needed in connection with an enquiry cannot be completed within 48hrs. Please be aware that the Ministry of the Interior does not advise this option for candidates with medical or personal problems requiring further evaluation or a negative migration histori.

Claimants should be aware that there is no warranty that the visa request will be completed within 48hrs and that the Priority Service charge will not be refunded in the case of delays - for whatever reasons - or rejection of the visa request. It is strongly recommended that candidates check their individual situation before using the Priority Service.

Claimants who request immediate attention for imperative and sympathetic reasons will be subjected to a regular prioritisation examination and are not obliged to settle the prioritised services charge. Attention: Applications can be sent to all AVACs in India during office hour, with the exception of Cochin-AVAAC, applications sent before 10 a.m. will be considered for preferential work.

Applications to use the Priority Service must be made at the same date as the visa request is made. They will not be able to take your request to use the priority service after your request has been made. A visa is unlikely to be completed within 48-hour periods if the visa requestor is affected by any of the following factors:

Applicant with any kind of undesirable migration and/or previous convictions; applicant requiring a medical check during the visa request procedure; applicant under 18 years of age who has not obtained prior approval; applicant who has not provided information on the visa request check list. The Ministry of the Interior strongly discourages making unreversible trips or other arrangements dependent on the issuance of an Australia visa within 48hrs.

The Ministry of the Interior and VFS are not liable for losses resulting from the failure to complete a visa request in good proportion to an applicant's itinerary. Please note: Only Indian citizens resident in India can request preferential treatment.

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