Visa for Myanmar for Canadian Citizens

Myanmar visa for Canadian citizens

For entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Myanmar, all Canadians should apply for a Myanmar visa before departure by first applying for a Myanmar visa, receiving it by e-mail and then having the Myanmar visa stamped on their passports at Myanmar airport of arrival. Myanmar (Burma) citizens can apply for a work visa for Canada. Applicants can work permanently or temporarily in Canada. The United Kingdom - United States of America - Canada - Australia. Here is a list of the most popular counties to which Canadian citizens travel and visa requirements for these countries.

Canadian Myanmar Visa

Visa is always one of the most complicated topics. Whilst Canadians can enter many visa -free destinations, there are others that do not. Acquiring whether a visa is required, even for tourist purposes, and on the visa application procedure is your first stage in your world.

For more information, you can read this FAQ on Myanmar and the need for a Canadian visa. Will Canadians need a visa to get into Myanmar? Passportholders from Canada need a visa to get into Myanmar. It' important to remember that even with a visa there are still limitations on how a visa can be used.

Myanmar visa is 28 day without extension and can only be used at Yangon, Mandalay and Nap Pyi Taw international airport. Visa are only good for one visit and are forfeited 90 day after their inception. Myanmar visa costs $50 with extra charges if necessary.

Burma has created several conditions for all travellers arriving on visas. If you are travelling on a tourism visa, you may only participate in certain extracurricular events, such as sight-seeing, visits from your loved ones or practice your daily work. You can download the visa request form from the Myanmar Embassy website.

This will help you to reduce bureaucracy and make the visa procurement procedure much quicker. You have a cheap visa. You can join Shevaun and others by using our easy applications system or, if you have any queries, you can always get in touch with us through our on-line chats.

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