Visa for Myanmar Citizen

Myanmar Citizen Visa

a copy of the applicant's Myanmar identity card and budget list;. A Swiss citizen of dual nationality.

Myanmar Citizen Vietnam Visas, Passports and Inhabitants

Does the Myanmar Pass owner need a Vietnam visas? Yes, a Vietnam entry permit is necessary. You have 2 options to get a Vietnam visas for Myanmar citizens: Obtain a Vietnam visas upon your arrivals or at the Vietnamese Embassy. If you are far from the Vietnamese embassy in Myanmar and do not want to turn away your identity card, a Vietnam visas is the best option on your return.

Rather than applying for a Vietnamese embassy or consulate directly, you will pick up your visas at one of Vietnam's international airports. What do I need to do to get a Vietnam visas on arriving? Within 1-2 working hour you will receive a written acknowledgement to check the state of your online application. We can extend your visas from 30 to 4 hrs in an urgent situation.

Once you arrive at the Vietnam airport, you will have the validated visas. The Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar must be contacted to obtain a visitor's visas. It is uncomfortable and we recommend that you obtain a student visas upon your departure. However, this path is quite complex and may have been hampered by the lack of passports, important document.

Quite the opposite, the best way to make an informed decision is to apply for a Vietnam Visa Online through our website.

Burmese citizens holding through-pass visas - Malaysia Message Board

I guess they are not well groomed and the Embassy of Malaysia in Yangon says that they have given full control to this OSC agent and they are no longer following the case. It will be given to foreigners who need a visas to travel to Malaysia, mainly for a formalities.

As a rule, it is applicable for a sole listing and for a three- (3) month term from the date of inception. It will be made out to foreigners who need a visas to travel to Malaysia, mainly for commercial or governmental purposes. Every registration is only for 30 nights and the prolongation of the residence is not permitted.

Travel groups are not entitled to request a multiple entry visa.

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