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Any other classes of British citizenship are only eligible for the tourist e-visa. Details see below. University of London welcomes students from Burma. Getting a UK visa. Will I need a visa to travel to Myanmar (Burma)?

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Getting information on how to get a Myanmar U.K. citizenship is becoming increasingly complex. So I phoned the Myanmarassy in London, but she had a note saying:'Mailbox full', so I couldn't talk to anyone. Thank males, the info was very useful on the joints. So I e-mailed the Myanmar Consulate in London to find out the cost of the visas and returns, but no reply.

Could someone give me the download links for the job applications page? Myanmar's message in London is known for not responding to e-mails. Give them 14 day time to get back, although the last few postings suggest that they will now be turned around faster. I' ve said that I have until July to put it in order, as we're leaving at the end of October.

I' ve said that I have until July to put it in order, as we're leaving at the end of October. I, too, am living in Somerset and plan to go to Myanmar this October.

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Hello, we are British nationals who live in Turkey (therefore it is difficult to get a visa before departure!) and would like to go via AirAsia from Bangkok to Yangon. Is it possible to get a VOA for Myanmar? Do we have to submit an application before we leave? No visa is available.

Obtain a Myanmar Embassy in Europe or Bangkok, for the latter see Top Questions, tool bar on the right. Or, if you are paying a Myanmar agent to set up a VOA for you. Thank you, that makes it easy..... getting the Bangkok visas seems to be the best choice... Thank you for the answer...We are visitors who need a touristic visas.... coming from Turkey, we will personally send our application to Bangkok.

Hello, I plan to travel around Myanmar with my backpack for a whole month and am submitting my resume. It is not my intention to register for packages and I have been told that there may be difficulties in obtaining a tourist visas. It' s easy for me to send my job applications from London, but if I don' t have a clear route, should I send my job then?

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