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Find out why all British citizens need a visa to enter Myanmar. For the Myanmar application form - please CLICK HERE. Here you will find the contact details of the British Embassy in Burma. Please contact us for visa, status, renewal or other questions below. Visas are required upon entry into Myanmar and must be applied for in advance.

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Visa MYANMAR takes 5 working day to be issued at the Swiss Federal Foreign Office and is effective for 3 month from the date of issuance. In order to see more of our additional benefits and place an order for this visa, please click on the appropriate visa package on the lefthand side that corresponds to the kind of trip you are going to make.

The fee will include the verification of your visa documentation, the reservation of your date, the participation in your date for submission of your documentation at the Swiss Federal Foreign Office as well as the collection of your visa at the Swiss Federal Missions. MAYANMAR VISAS: For up to 14 day stay for citizens of; Brunei & Indonesia, MYANMAR TRANSIT VISAS: MYANMAR HEALTH:

Myanmar citizens and inhabitants must be in possession of a immunisation card when leaving for an affected area. In Karen State, malaria is usually below 1,000 meters (1) all year round; (2) from Mar-Dec in Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Mon, Rakhine & Shan States, Pegu Division, and Hlegu, Hmawbi and Taikkyi Cownships of the Yangon Division (3) of Apr-Dec in tenasserim Division countryside areas (4) of Mai-Dez in Irrawaddy Division and Mandalay Division countryside areas (5) of Jun-Nov in Magwe Division sprawadsdi and


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We offer our clients an extensive range of: When you have a British Citizen Passport* and are traveling to Myanmar (Burma) for tourism you need a visa! Please find below the visa for Myanmar (Burma), depending on your itinerary: - visa for Myanmar (Burma): The special visa system is for Birmingham Airport clients.

For those applying through this system, our committed visa experts provide the highest levels of client services, ensuring that their unique visa application process is seamless and stress-free. It is strongly recommended that you contact one of our visa experts at the above number.

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