Visa Extension in Myanmar

Renewal of visa in Myanmar

Seems it can be extended in Yangon. Did someone do it? How hard is it? When I asked about Myanmar's official e-visa homepage ( http://evisa.moip.

gov. mm), the answer was NO. The Myanmar Visa, information on visa extension (stay) and a list of Myanmar embassies and consulates abroad. Hi everyone, we will travel all over Myanmar in November. A multiple-entry visa valid for a six-month or one-year stay in Myanmar.

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The Evisa for Burma is 28-day-long. Seems it can be renewed in Yangon. has anyone done this? how difficult is it? how long does it take to get it? how long can an extension be obtained? what are the costs? visa extension how?

No. You have to get out of the county and re-enter. Visa extension how? Visa is not renewed in Yangon. Burma E-Visa is valid for 28 consecutive nights from the date of arrival in Myanmar. So if you want to renew your e-visa, you have to get out of the Philippines and re-enter.

Renewal of visa as? as extension possible. You can either overrun for a few extra nights and charge $3 a night, okay for a little while, or leave and rent a new visa. Get out of the land that pays $50 for a new visa. visa extension eh? visa extension eh?

If I am in Myanmar, can I renew my touristic e-visa? - MYANmar Message Board

If I am in Myanmar, can I renew my touristic e-visa? When I asked about Myanmar's offical e-visa homepage (, the reply I received was NO. about the Myanmar extension of the touristic visa. However, are these renewals only made for regular tourism visa, and not perhaps for e-visas? If I am in Myanmar, can I renew my touristic e-visa?

During the research period it was apparently no longer possible to renew a visa for tourists. Exceeding the visa is, however, possible. During the research period, Yangon Airport entry allows travelers to exceed their visa for a fee of $3 per diem plus a $3 fee for enrollment. We' ve been advised that it's okay to move up to 90 working hours, but it's probably advisable to move it no more than 10 or 14 workdays.

A lot of expatriates and tourist agencies are shrugging their feet to see if there is an formal guideline. We have never seen anyone who has a problem with overtime. However, please be aware that once you exceed your visa, you may have difficulty with migration when you plan to fly inland, especially at distant destinations (such as Sittwe or Myitkyina).

It' smart to stay on the country lanes. If I am in Myanmar, can I renew my touristic e-visa?

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