Visa Agent in Myanmar

Myanmar Visa Agent

"This is because the client is asking for the visa requirement to prepare all documents in such a way that they are ready for staff to pay the fee. A visa application form is available in English. To download the visa application form, please click ~. Burma Visa Service has been outsourced to Ever Fine Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd (near Masjid Jarmek LRT Station). I plan to visit Myanmar with my father.

Burma Visa - Tourist eVisa & Visa Application Service

Except for the occupations listed in this request, you are not permitted to work with or without fees. The petitioner shall comply with the law of the Republic of Myanmar and shall not intervene in the domestic business of the Republic of Myanmar.

Actions will be taken against those who contravene any provisions of the Republic of Myanmar's applicable law, regulation or regulation. Applicants are not permitted to enter the prohibited area without previous authorisation. Please note that the approval is not a confirmed visa document.

Notice of approval is effective for 90 calendar working day from date of issuance. Visa transaction fees are non-refundable. If your resume is unsuccessful, no reasons will be given or applications can be submitted. You must have a minimum (6) month expiry date for your visa.

The duration of your visit is (28) from the day of your departure from Myanmar. The enrolment fees, US$ 50 + services fees, US$ 10 with Visa, Master, Credit/Debit can be paid. They will not be refunded whether eVisa is issued or not. The information will be answered if we get an email within (1) time.

It takes a maximal (7) working day for eVisa to be granted. This eVisa permit notice is effective for (3) consecutive weeks from the date of issue. Once it has lapsed, they will be refused admission. If your residency card has been revoked, you must get a new one before you can apply for a new one. This is because Myanmar regulations require your card to be in force for at least 6 consecutive weeks from your date of arrival, otherwise you may not travel to Myanmar.

The period of application can only be used once. eVisa travelers are initially only admitted to Yangon International Airport. When you are not cleared, you can fly back on the same plane.

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