Village of Elephants

Elephant Village

At the Sangha River, a part of the Dzanga Ndoki National Park in the Central African Republic, live groups of mysterious forest elephants. A lot of what we know about forest elephants is due to Andrea Turkalo's perseverance and dedication in this clearing. Cryptic forest elephants gather at the river.

Elephant Village

Elephant forests can be found in the wet rainforest. Bushelephants can be found in and around the grass savannah. Elephant canines are usually even, which prevents them from getting entangled in the wood. Bushelephant canines are slightly bent. Forests elephants are usually smaller than shrub elephants.

A mature males' woodelephant rarely grows more than about 2.5 metres and weights about 2.7 tonnes (5,950 pounds). A grown-up bushelephant is about 3 metres in size and weights about 5.5 tonnes. Forests elephants usually have a blacker hide than bushelephants. In most cases, the ear of a wood lilephant is somewhat more round than the ear of a bushelephant.

Waldelefant has five toe nails on the forefeet and four toe nails on the heels. Bushelephant has four on the forefeet and three on the rearfoot. The elephants are three different types of elephants - the Asiatic elephants, the shrub elephants and the wood elephants. Waldelefanten as well as Buschelefanten lives in Africa south of the Sahara.

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