Village Museum dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam Village Museum

This was a nice walk to see the different residential structures for the different Tanzanian communities. The open-air museum displays a collection of authentically built apartments illustrating traditional life in various parts of Tanzania. Nobody interested in local culture should miss this museum.

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The museum displays a series of authentic apartments that illustrate Tanzania's tradition of living in different parts of the country. Every home is decorated with characteristic objects and encircled by small fields, while the "villagers" show off crafts such as weave, potter and carve. Tradicional dances also take place every day, if there is enough interest.

Situated 9 km northern of the town center, Mwenge dalla-dallas runs from the New Posta transportation booth (Tsh400, 45 minutes). Exit at the'Makumbusho' stop, the museum is across the road.

About the Village Museum

Nobody interested in indigenous cultural life should miss this museum. Outdoor exhibition of tradicional living spaces and handicrafts. Founded in 1996. The museum was founded to demonstrate and preserve the Tanzanian people. A visit to the village museum is like a visit to the entire Tanzanian community.

This museum shows some 16 different Tanzanian folk groups in typical shelters. Do you think the concept of a'village museum' is a strange irony, is it a village, or is it a museum? This is certainly not a lively village, but a group of authentically decorated farmsteads that represent some of Tanzania's many different nationalities.

It is not a museum in the conventional meaning (there is no window box). The Village Museum offers a good overview of the architectural style if you don't want to make it to the countryside of Tanzania. The museum displays a series of 19 authentic apartments showing a variety of different Tanzanian ethnical groups in different ways of life.

Located 10 km from the town center, the museum also offers afternoon classes in folk dancing and musical entertainment to show Tanzanian young people the legacy of their country people. Tradicional cabins. We also have samples of folk culture, and every day there are folk songs and dances.

Handicrafts and souvenir shops and food shops. Situated along Ally Hassan Mwinyi Street just outside the city of Dar es Salam on the way to Mwenge and Bagamoyo.

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