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Here you will find snapshots and detailed reports about the cruise ship Viking Mandalay. On the Myanmar cruise/tour route. Benefit from the lifting of decades of travel restrictions to Myanmar (Burma) with this new river cruise from Viking River Cruises. Viking Mandalay RV boat tours on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar (Burma) from Bangkok.

Redesign our journey through Myanmar with Viking river cruises

As I was planning my voyage aboard Viking Cruises' Viking Mandalay as part of the 15-day Myanmar Explorer boat ride, I didn't know what to look forward to. I have travelled with Viking several time in Europe, on the Danube, on the Rhine, in Bordeaux in France and in Douro in Portugal. I' ve been admiring Viking's products in Europe because they are good in all respects from beginning to end.

The trips on offer are well organised and the Viking Longship cruisers are among the most attractive above water. In fact, Viking also provides an extraordinary selection of tropical Chinese and Southeast Asian cruising, which includes the Mekong through Vietnam and Cambodia and Myanmar along the Irrawaddy Rivers.

The Viking has a more seasoned Asiatic fluvial trip than many of its rivals, but these trips are hardly described. There is little information about them on-line or in printed form, which is a disgrace, because as I have found out, the Viking travel routes in South-East Asia can more than survive. This is our complete Myanmar itinerary: live:

All in all, I thought this was one of the most astonishing cruises I have ever done on a boat. Myanmar's healthcare is not up to the standard of the West, and evacuating health workers may be unaffordable. Myanmar will also be a challenge, if not an impossibility, for people with problems of transportation. Viking Mandalay, like any other water cruiser in the area, has no lift, and the docks are pristine, without pillars.

Often you end up on a landing stage and on dirty mounds, supported by Viking crew. Whilst everything aboard Viking Mandalay was excellent to ensure that my food was nut-free (including the removal of groundnut seed from the hull so that no errors could be made), there were many cases on the shore part of the voyage where I got lettuces, sandwhiches, biscuits and other foods containing walnuts.

But your rewards for traveling the Myanmar Explorer Routes from Viking are many and varied. Most of all, however, Viking offers an excellent chance to see a land on the threshold of great transformation, thanks to the recent election that will forever eliminate Burma's long-established army government. {\a6}Voile avec Viking à travers le Myanmar si :

You are looking for Viking's award-winning water treatment in a more tropical environment than the typically continental one. You are attracted by the concept of a combined country trip and boat trip on a riverside. You' re a former Viking visitor. Do not sail through Myanmar with Viking If: They expect the vessel and the accommodation to reflect the Viking longships.

From a legal point of view, Viking cannot run a longboat here. Pandaw' s own vessels like Viking Mandalay are beautiful, but much more humble in equipment. "Myanmar is practically unaffected by US influences, and the expectation that it will meet West European norms will be impossible. Media service is costly and hard to come by in Myanmar, and moorings in almost every harbour are harsh and unexplored.

After leaving the boat in Mandalay, visitors spent most of the daily on the way back to Bangkok, where they have to clear custom and migration at Suvarnabhumi International Station, pick up their baggage and set off for the return trip to Shangri-La Bangkok..... by the city's bad workload. Viking's Bangkok floor staff coordinated everything masterfully, but even they could not keep track of the congestion that took more than two hrs and kept us at the hotels until well over 8pm. Considering that most of our passengers left the next night early to early in the mornings, it might be an advantage to be able to offer the possibility of staying on an independent plot of land near the camp.

Vikings' most important territory are perhaps the waters of Europe. His specially designed, company-owned Viking Longships are among the best ocean-going cruisers. The fact is, however, that the line has taken as much diligence and attentiveness in the development of its tropical and South East Asia cruises as it has in the design of its routes in Europe.

It is not a trip for the faint-hearted, but for those looking for an immersive trip through one of the fastest evolving nations in the worid, traveling through Myanmar with Viking River Cruises is an utter jewel. Unfortunately, our Viking River Cruises' Myanmar Explorer travel report has come to an end, but please hold on for one and a deck-for-deck photographic trip of the Viking Mandalay!

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