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Vietnamese cuisine restaurants in London. Cool and seasonal, sweet and spicy, classic and modern, with the best local ingredients that reinterpret Vietnamese classics. View our recommendations for the best restaurants in London and book online. Tasty noodle soups, crunchy fresh vegetables and even baguettes are just some of the favorites on the unique Vietnamese menu and welcome you to Maui to taste Vietnamese delicacies and authentic cuisine. Viet Namese food is unmistakable and unforgettable.

Vietnamese-style London dining

Vietnamese-style London eating places are favourite thanks to reasonably priced offers, from bohmì and phos to curry and pasta cuisine. Most of the best places in the city are Vietnamese in Shoreditch (mostly at the bottom of Kingsland Road) or along Mare Street, but you will also find good Vietnamese cuisine in other parts of London - see the best below.

Suggested: The best London dining for..... Bussey Building's former regular guests have laid their origins in a neutral decorative plywood-lined town in Peckham. There are all the classical Vietnamese meals (summer bread roll, pancake, pasta salad) and the more extraordinary, such as the homemade Pancake Bank with shrimps stuffed with onions.

Anything is less than a ten and although the courts are meant to share, most major choices are enough on their own, making it a great choice for a fast one-on-one luncheon or blow-out with friends. As most Vietnamese restuarants in London are situated around Shoreditch and Hackney, it is a plus to find a more central location where you can stock up on Phe (rice noodles), sandwiches, Banh Xeo (pancakes) and other Viet classic cakes.

A crispy French bread filled with carrots and daikons, cucumbers, cilantro, and chili, plus a stuffing of your own choosing. When you find Café West - hidden in a part of the parking lot of the giant Surrey Quays Shopping Centre - you may think you've come across a Southeast Asia workers' cantine.

There is a revised menue, each meal is shown in a colored picture: a handfull of appetizers, many strong bowls, some side orders and some refreshments (but no alcohol). It was a pleasure to have herbal sandwiches in spring, and the nicely spiced Pheo with sliced meat, hen and shrimp was all it was supposed to be.

The meal is not only impressing and genuine, but also cheap. As part of the Vietnamese kitchen group with offices in Hoxton and Shoreditch, Cây Tre is exactly what you can think of as a Vietnamese restaurant in Soho: elegance, minimum decoration, perfectly intelligent and effective personnel and beautiful cuisine.

They pride themselves on using all our freshness (ideally local) and flawlessly produced produce - experience the delicious Devon shrimp pack with crunchy salad and pearl leafs (to curl up the delicious stuffing) and grilled Somerset rips with lemon grass, Sriraqa chili and galgant. You' ll be able to taste some seductive flavours long before you see this small Vietnamese cafe.

Select from slightly seasoned pasta soup (bread roll colour or pho), Vietnamese breads ( "banh mi"), pasta salad, jasmine-rizzles, and egg roulett. The' classical pork' meat with a juicy sausage made of pig meat, ground cod pate, hot chili, crisp vegetables and crisp white cilantro, all in a slightly crusty French bread.

This stylish restaurant with a high-quality commercial finishing is especially at home in Vietnamese barbeque cuisine. There is a brief meal with meals based on the style of cookery Bui's mom used to serve him in Oz. Favourite are the bread roll of prawns and pigs, the remarkable shrimp sandwich, the clear meat of the prime cuts and the belt of a BBQ lemon grass pasta and lemon grass lettuce.

The services are relaxed yet inviting and the meals are very good. It seems that the cuisine here has a slightly different history from most of London's competitors: roasted, aromatic mutton with crumbs, a rare feature on most Vietnamese dishes, was a raration - the taste of the mutton was emphasised rather than concealed by the handling.

Situated not far from the Hackney Picturehouse, this small but fine location seems to get a lot of shops from native Vietnamese. Hai Ha has a quite extensive Vietnamese repertory. It was a true delight, called after a restaurant in Hanoi that has been serving only this one meal for several generation. It was made of barbecued seafood in curcuma, boiled with dull and scallions, then covered with minced beans.

The Seafood bund www.seafoodbund. seafoodbund. com (noodle soup) was delicious and fresh even on a very warm outing. Ian Pengelley, a Vietnamese with ex-Gilgamesh cook at the wheel, provides an intelligent environment and reasonable prices. The Kêu (pronounced "the place for sandwiches on the corner") is a Vietnamese coffee house related to Cây Tre and Viet Grill, where the main offer here is bar.

The" Classic" combination contains roasted pig slice with gherkin stick, cilantro, chili and inlaid carrots and daikon. The Bánh mì, a tasty Franco-Viet French bread, is a large part of Vietnamese road cuisine. Now they are omnipresent in London - not only in fair stands, but also in Vietnamese cafes and restuarants.

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