Vietnam Visa for Myanmar

Myanmar Vietnam Visa

Learn more about what Myanmar's citizens need to get their Vietnamese visa. Viet Nam Visa is the fastest and easiest way to get Viet Nam Visa online. People living in Myanmar have Myanmar or other nationalities not on the Vietnam Visa Exemption List that require a visa to enter Vietnam. Before your trip to Vietnam, check our website for requirements and specific information about Myanmar's citizens. As there are many direct flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Yangon, Myanmar, the journey from these cities to Myanmar is very easy.

In Myanmar, how do I get a Vietnam visa?

People who live in Myanmar have Myanmar or other nationality not on the Vietnam Visa Waiver Lists that require a visa to travel to Vietnam. There are two ways to obtain the Vietnam visa in Myanmar. Viet Nam Visa On Arrival is efficient for people who live far away from the Vietnamese embassies and do not want to loose their expenses (passport, cash or documents) by post.

You can get a visa for Vietnam in 30 to 4 hrs on express duty. Usually the approval certificate will be sent to you by e-mail within 2 working day or 4 - 8 working hour (express service), in 30min. (in an emergency). Lastly, take this note + your pass + 2 photographs + stamp duty 25 US$ for one-time or 50 US$ for repeated arrivals to obtain your visa at the Aiport.

When applying for a Vietnam visa in the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar, you need to know this: However, you should certainly make a call to the Vietnamese embassy for further information. Documents required: your identity card, your cash and 1 new cover with your full postal adress.

Ensure that your visa is valid for at least 6 months and has links before you apply for a visa to Vietnam. The visa on arrivals is valid for those who travel to Vietnam by plane.


Will Myanmar residents need a visa to travel to Vietnam? Currently, Myanmar residents are free for 14-day Vietnam visa. You do not need to obtain a Vietnam visa if you are planning to remain in Vietnam for less than 14 day. If you wish to remain longer than 14 nights, you must obtain a Vietnam visa.

People from Myanmar can travel to and from Vietnam several a day to get a free visa for 14 nights without having to wait for a certain period of inactivity. Upon your arriving in Vietnam, please come directly to the immigrant check-in desk to get the mandatory embossed seal in your identity card. The postmark says that you can remain in Vietnam 14 day after your date of arriving.

» In this section we explain how Myanmar residents who wish to obtain a visa for a stay of more than 14 nights in Vietnam. What are the possibilities for Myanmar residents to obtain a visa for Vietnam? If you are a Myanmar resident, whether you live in Myanmar or are currently travelling in another outside Myanmar, you can also comply with these requirements to obtain a visa for Vietnam.

Request Vietnam Visa On-line for the visa clearance letters to collect the visa at Vietnam International Airports (Vietnam Visa on arrival). Just remain at home, connect to the web, submit your job applications and it' s done in a few mins! WHAT CAN I DO TO GET A VIETNAM VISA ON-LINE? Complete the secure Vietnam visa request document on-line with the necessary information such as your full name, date of birthday, pass number, date of arrivals.... You must provide the applicant (s) detailed information in order for the Immigration Department to be able to write a visa permit for you.

Vietnam visa costs on your return include: - After you submitted your visa request, you will be charged the visa fees and what you do: - Apply for your visa at the "Visa Lander " desk at the airfield before coming to the immigration desk by presenting the visa authorization document, the initial pass (valid for at least 06 months), 02 passportpictures, the visa request sheet (already completed ) and the immigration officer's postmarkage.

The visa on your return is only valid for flights. It is located in 4 Vietnamese multinational airfields, which include Noi Bai Airfield (Ha Noi City), Tan Son Nhat Airfield (Ho Chi Minh City), Cam Ranh Airfield (Nha Trang City) and Da Nang Airfield (Da Nang City). Myanmar citizens may also come to an Vietnamese consulate or mission in Myanmar or any other nation in the rest of the word to obtain a visa.

Click here to find the Vietnamese Ambassador near you. You will need the following for each visa application: For more information, please contact the Swiss Federal Foreign Office or the Swiss Federal Office of Consular Affairs. What is the best way to get a Vietnam Visa Number? When the Vietnam Mission or the Vietnam consulate requires the Vietnam Visa Codes, you can send us your visa applications.

Please contact us for the visa application form with the visa codes. In order to request the Vietnam visa codes, please click here to submit your application on-line, select Ambassy Visa and Apple. You' ll receive your visa after 1 or 2 working day. Use the visa certificate to obtain the visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate that you have previously selected.

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