Vietnam Travel

Viet Nam Travel

One of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has lush mountains, bustling cities and golden sandy beaches. Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? Viet Nam borders China, Laos, Cambodia and the South China Sea. Viet Nam travel guides, including map of Viet Nam, top Vietnam travel experiences, tips for trips in Viet Nam, plus where to go and what to do in Viet Nam. Before you travel to Vietnam, you should consult your local doctor and ensure that you receive all necessary vaccinations.

Viet Nam Tips and Tricks: Subtitles 26 Important things you should know before your journey

Designed primarily for first-time users, this Vietnamese guide is a useful guide, but it can help anyone get to a safer, carefree trip. This should draw your attention to frequent errors and help you get ready for a trip to one of the most astonishing world. Viet Nam is a difficult land to discover.

Well, if there's any place you need to travel wisely, it's here. Nevertheless I had a great tour through Vietnam and loved the warm and friendly folk, the lively cultures and the astonishing variety of the area. If done right, the exploration of Vietnam is one of the most worthwhile travel experience you can make on this world.

That' s why I have put together this table with everything I would have liked before my visit to Vietnam. It' all for a secure, fraud-free journey to make the most of this amazing place! The weather is very different. Ho-chi-minh town is the place to be seen. Do not use mains power!

A few fundamental words of Viet Namese can go a long way. Get out on the streets for dinner! It is amazing how many Vietnamis end up without knowing what to do for their VISA. I' ve used Vietnam Visa Pro - miss the fucking designs, it's real. Duration 1-2 working day (it is a strange register of coincidental persons who were allowed to enter Vietnam at the same as you.

It was not clear to me how solid and scattered Vietnam is until one searches on Google Maps for the way. It is 1700+km long and lasts about 35 (!) hour. In Asia, the journey from A to A always lasts longer than you think, and this applies in particular to Vietnam.

One general beginner error forces everything and the Kitchen Drainage on your Vietnam-Travelplan. Vietnam can be subdivided into 3 major areas - North, Middle and South - and as a general principle I would say that it takes at least a whole weekend for everyone.

Viet Nam is generally moist and warm. But with such a long stretched land, it is only logical that the climate within Vietnam changes significantly. Three different meteorological areas. North Vietnam: Anticipate warm, rainy summer and cold, arid winter in the north. CENVIEtnam: Experience warm, arid conditions between January and August, when the temperature can reach the mid-30s.

South Vietnam: has a full tropic environment with only 2 distinct seasonal patterns - humid and sober. Of course, the best travel season is during the latter, from December to April. In Selective Asia there are more detailed information about the Vietnam weathers. Things are very reasonable, but you should be prepared to buy anything you can bargain for.

It' the thing is in Vietnam, they'll try to raise it. The majority of visitors have the feeling that Viet Namese are grasping and dodgy and always trying to profit from you. Unfortunately, these travellers only get to know the commercial side of the local population, who are just trying to earn a livelihood.

On my journeys I encountered kind and kind persons from many different countries, especially from Asia. Viet Nam brings it to a completely different plane of friendliness. We have everything from free meals, inspirational biographies and schoolchildren waving "hello" to us with enthusiasm. To put it nicely: Vietnam's strength is not its shores.

And even the allegedly best beaches in Vietnam - Sao on Phu Quoc isle - had collected 90% of their garbage. In Vietnam, it's definitely about getting involved in Vietnamese folk music, eating and meeting inspirational newcomers. Vietnam's artistical, cultural, traditionalism and creativity can be seen in Hanoi, where centuries-old tradition is still very much alive despite the mad rush of communication and the bustling routine.

Although it is a gigantic town like Ho Chi Minh Town, it has a certain rural atmosphere that is missing in its south equivalent. It is the perfect place to get astray and go shopping for good meals for your favourite arts and crafts or just watch some folks.

This area reminds of a period when each road was specialised in one kind of object (e.g. sterling, chickens, etc.). They are all situated in the centre of the town ( "Old Town"), have free WiFi and a score of 9 or more! As of the date of this paper, 1 EUR = 26,200 donkey and 1 US $ = 22,700 dokey.

And the good part is that there have been no coinage in Vietnam since 2011. When it comes to clothes, Vietnam is by no means a traditional state. There is no need to wear the clothes of an Afghans girl and the warm climate even forces you to show yourself among the people.

When you' re not sure what to dress for, do it like the natives do. If you visit the north in winters, don't miss to take some warm clothes with you! Situated on a fine balancing of acidic, warm snaweet and savoury foods that have been perfect for hundreds of years, Vietnam' s diet is unparalleled. Meals to try in Vietnam Pho: the international meal of Vietnam ? ?

You can find all types of itineraries to some of the most famous places in Vietnam, such as an accommodation in the Mekong Delta, a comfortable Cu Chi Tunnel trip or a relaxing luxury trip on a boat in the Halong Bay. H Heck Vietnam is a huge touring company!

Usually they are horrible events and a huge amount of lost work. Travellers are endlessly reported, handled like livestock, hurrying from place to place in narrow van and passing by their friends' stores and dining places on the way. Tended to stay away from touring wherever I went.

We' even learnt how to cycle in Vietnam so as not to be reliant on daily trips - the best choice ever! Ask other travellers instead, go to a travel agency or directly ask the airline. Simultaneously, there is a cost to good value for money and a few additional dollars in Vietnam can make all the difference. What makes the quality of Vietnam different?

Aside from a great cookery course in Hanoi, I have booked some of my own trips in travel agents. Besides, the wheather was a female dog (obviously not her fault). Cu-Chi-Tunnel-Tour in Ho-Chi-Minh-City. on a semiprivate trip with a Vietnam vet, which turned out to be great.

The 14Ho Chi Minh is the place to be and be seen. Ho Chi Minh is not only the commercial and financial capitol of Vietnam, but also a lively town. When you are looking for an infinite shoppin' experience, a blatant range of musical and artistic offerings and a challenging night life, then this town has a lot to do.

It'?s no wonder this is the first option for expatriates in Vietnam. Here there is something of everything, from the genuine road cuisine to the high-end luxurious restaurant. They have other places in Vietnam too, but Ho Chi Minh City is a whole center of them. Take advantage of this hotel and guesthouse in Ho Chi Minh City which I have compiled for you.

They are all situated in the centre of the town ( "District 1"), with free WiFi and a score of 9 or more! It' situated right in the centre of District 1, where everything happens in Ho Chi Minh town, but away from the noise of road tolls. Yap, that's a pretty precise portrayal of municipal Vietnam.

Watch this crossroads movie I share on my Facebook page. The Saigon is the town with the highest motorcycle concentrations in the whole wide area. It' s going to take some patience, but it is important not to get panicky. Keeping a steady speed is the best way to get across a Vietnamese highway.

It will give the riders enough to recognize you and compute their next move to avoid you. Viet Namese are high qualified riders and do it every single monday! Unless the goverment says that shark eating fibre under water (yes, that's one thing), the Vietnam wireless network is amazingly high.

Even some hawkers have it. At our very first dinner in Ho Chi Minh City we chose to buy by credit cards. It was better secure than sad! They might be arguing that map clone trials can be happening anywhere - that's right - but it had never ever befallen me, so it's a good notion never to let your map out of sight in Vietnam.

All you buy in Vietnam is generally a good deal. Eating is the best example. It' easy to get a seat meal for less than $5 and a snack on the streets for $0.20! In order to give you an impression of travel expenses, it is usual to find backpacker tourists with a daily $30 discount - inclusive of lodging, transport and board.

The rebate will largely depend on your negotiation skill.... My favourite place to shop was the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City. Both should be below $10. Clothing: Many multinational firms have their production sites in Vietnam, so you can find high-quality replica here. However, one could have expected more from a place that is being sold as "Island of Paradise".

For most of Vietnam's stretch, even the best one - Sao Beaches - was awfully full of garbage when I was there. I' m afraid there won't be much to attract visitors when they're done. Maybe I went into the poorest period or added elements that create a different climate (e.g. a windstorm or heavy monsoon).

Not sure what to look forward to and it turned out to be my favourite place on my 2-month rucksack ride to Southeast Asia. The natives call this countryside area" Halong Bay in Land" because of the solid calcareous rocks, which are spread between the paddy paddies, old Pagoda and infinite Caverns.

It is a beautiful landscape, the people are very nice and the whole place still looks and feel like a real jewel. Spend at least 2 full working nights exploring it at your own speed - best by bicycle - and be surprised by Vietnam's countryside when all day-trippers are gone.

It is the number one traveler in Asia and even Vietnamese people know it. In addition, it is recommended to set alarm 2 and prevent icing and lettuces - you don't know if and how they were rinsed - and only clean your whitewash. By doing this and washing your hand on a regular basis, you are on the right path to avoiding 90% of stomach ache and inhalation.

Eliminate the polluting practice of purchasing multiple cylinders of bottled mineral oil per night. You have many opportunities to move around Vietnam. Motorcycles: with a combined fleet of over 45 million motorcycles, this must be the informal transportation of Vietnam. The natives are eating, sleeping in their bicycles and carrying all kinds of objects, even living hens and hogs!

FISHLABOUT Taxis: Although they are getting better and better, cabs are often a fraud for travellers. Avoiding busses: because they are warm, sluggish and inconvenient. The most frequent way to travel in Vietnam, both for local people and visitors. The ? Trains: Previously, moves have not been upgraded since the Vietnam War, so don't always think they are clumsy and unclean.

Several of the itineraries - such as between Hanoi and Sapa - are wonderful and very much loved by travellers. ?? Flights: not the most genuine way to enjoy your Vietnamese experience, but they can be very practical and greatly reduce travel lead Times. Verify the fares for Vietnam: Are you sure Vietnam's a good place to be?

Contrary to common opinion, Vietnam is generally a very secure state. There are hardly any crimes, because the natives are very quiet, friendly and non-violent souls. Aside from the possibility of being robbed by travel agencies by a few thousand thou. The only kind of crimes you will probably come across is trivial thievery.

In my opinion, the most disturbing thing in Vietnam is the grabbing of objects while riding a motorcycle. Do not use your telephone on crowded roads. The unbelievable number of cruisers sailing the oceans makes Halong Bay the number one target in Vietnam. You should choose one of the best cruisers, if your budgets allow, which includes transportation from Hanoi, first class meals and all kinds of activity (kayak, Thai Chis, etc.).

However much I like to travel independently, I confess that it felt good to take a little rest during my two-month journey to Asia and let someone else choose what to dine and do during the days. They can have the period of their lives or let themselves be cheated here.

I would go for the 2 night cruise for a more comprehensive and recreational adventure, but that is largely depending on the amount of gel you have. 25 Some fundamental words of the Viet Namese can go a long way. A very sonorous vocabulary, Vietnamesian has complicated tones that are difficult to reproduce with the neck and orophone.

This not only facilitates your communications with the local people - only a few of them are able to communicate fluently in English - but also guarantees a big grin! 26 Go for the road meal! The fear of trying to eat on the streets is lacking in much of Vietnam' s cultural life. Now I can formally stand my best G?i wwww. com and who were from a road eating.

There is no way I can ensure that the meals will always be better than in a restaurant and that they always meet the fundamental hygiene requirements. Dining on the streets is as genuine as in Vietnam and a great way to travel on a low cost. Prefere the stands where the natives go the most. Ho Chi Minh City:

Who is the right city for you in Vietnam? Discover Vietnam on your own! Do you plan a trip to Vietnam? Please let us know your travel arrangements below. While you' ve been here, I'd like to receive your own useful travel advice!

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